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Village Management Services

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(VMS) is the self-owned professional management company for Laguna Woods Village. It is a mutual-benefit, nonprofit corporation, that was recently established to provide professional management services to the community. VMS was created to benefit the residents of Laguna Woods Village.

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VMS is governed by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors, appointed equally by its members: United Mutual, Third Mutual, and GRF. All Directors are resident owners and cannot serve on any other Board of Laguna Woods Village. The services provided by VMS are defined by a written management agreement with each of its three members. The VMS Board appoints the CEO/General Manager, who oversees about 1,000 employees in the areas of: Finance, Maintenance Operations, General Services, Landscape/Recreation, Security, Broadband/Community Relations, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Legal and Public Affairs.

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