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Social Services

The Social Services Department has been serving the Community since 1972. Our mission is to help Laguna Woods Village Residents maintain independence and enhance their quality of life. Social work counselors are available for short-term counseling, crisis intervention, support groups, educational programs, long-term care planning and resource referrals. We take protecting your privacy very seriously. Our services are confidential, meaning that we will not disclose information about you to anyone who is not directly involved in your care without your written or verbal permission, or as required by law.

Contact the Social Services Department at 949-597-4267 if you are:

  • grieving the loss of a loved one
  • caring for an ill or aging relative
  • coping with a life changing diagnosis
  • making long-term care arrangements
  • feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • in need of assistance in your home
  • isolated and in need of a visitor
  • interested in a volunteer opportunity

Licensed Home Care Agencies

If you require someone to assist with your needs in your home, you can now get a listing of full-service Licensed Home Care Agencies by selecting one of the organizations below or by calling 949-597-4267.

The Foundation of Laguna Woods Village

The Foundation of Laguna Woods Village was established in 1997 to provide emergency financial assistance to Residents within our Community. Specifically, the Foundation provides temporary assistance with shortages of food, medications, utility bills, medical or nursing care, adult day care and dental procedures.

Inquires about specific situations to be considered for emergency funds should be directed to the Social Services Department at 949-597-4267. The identity of the recipients remain anonymous to the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village.

The Foundation relies on contributions in the form of tributes and to commemorate various occasions and events. For more information, visit the Foundation at or call 949-268-2246 or mail inquires to P.O. Box 3279, Laguna Woods, CA 92654-3279.