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Keeping Your Community Beautiful

The Department of Maintenance and Construction plans, organizes, directs, implements and controls all facilities located within the Village. Laguna Woods Village's maintenance operations functions in accordance with the policies set by the various boards of directors. Its divisions include Maintenance Operations, Facilities Management, Manor Alterations and Permits, Moisture Intrusion and more.

Laguna Woods Village encompasses more than 640 acres of maintained landscape, which includes an urban forest featuring nearly 33,000 trees. All areas are maintained by Village Management Services’ Department of Landscaping Services.

Community Project Updates

Stay up to date on projects around your community. Refer to the project updates below.

Maintenance Project Logs

Landscaping Services

VMS Landscaping Services Department Director Kurt Wiemann and his staff of 143 provide landscape services for 12,736 manors as well as all clubhouses, gates, the Aliso and West Creeks, and the Equestrian Center. Click here to read Landscaping Services FAQs to find answers to schedules to herbicide and edging to planting and more.

Here’s a snapshot of day-to-day tasking:

  • Communicate schedules for various landscape maintenance activities for each mutual.
  • Provide periodic mowing and edging of turf, based on seasonal needs.
  • Provide periodic pruning of shrubs and trees in planters and on slopes in common areas.
  • Fertilize turf and shrub areas.
  • Manage pests through integrated pest management techniques and the application of the least toxic materials available to control insects, weeds, diseases and rodents.
  • Address trees, shrubs, or other plant materials that are not performing well. Remove and replace trees and shrubs as needed.
  • Schedule and maintain irrigation systems to provide sufficient moisture for plant health; reduce water waste; and meet state and/or local water conservation mandates.
  • Collect and process green waste into mulch or compost for use in common area landscape.
  • Removal of debris from walkways is provided with the cyclic mowing and landscape maintenance programs.

For more information call 949-597-4600.

To see the schedule for various landscape maintenance acitivites for each Mutual on the Village website click here.