Smartly Hydrating Village Landscaping

Within the boundaries of Laguna Woods Village, there are 651 irrigated acres of landscaping, excluding the golf courses. The irrigation system, controlled by a computerized central control system that is GRF’s responsibility, consists of 407 remote irrigation controllers and more than 500,000 sprinkler heads. All downstream piping, valves, sprinklers, etc., belong to the individual housing mutuals. 

As you may have heard, GRF is installing a new irrigation master control system. This project is 80% complete and irrigation technicians are testing the new system in real time during the day.

The majority of landscaping irrigation is done at night; however, during the next few months, you may see irrigation being done during the day. Technicians will be running the systems through their full-time cycles, adjusting spray heads and run times to increase efficiency and reduce run-off. Due to the complexity and age of the irrigation systems, completely eliminating runoff is impossible, but our goal is to reduce overspray and get the length of the watering cycles correct to reduce water waste and the costs associated with it. 

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