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Horses, like their human partners and our other pets, start to have health issues when they age. Teeth get old, muscles and ligaments get tired, and their hearts may not be as strong as they once were. 

Here at Laguna Woods Village Equestrian Center, we cherish the horses who serve our community (your horses), and we believe in ensuring they have everything they need to be healthy and happy in their work at the center and into retirement. 

Right now, two horses, older and unable to be ridden, who tirelessly served our residents and brought joy to so many, must retire due to their health and at the recommendation of our veterinarians.


Thanks to the generosity of our residents, Murphy, an appendix quarter horse who developed a degenerative ligament disease, was moved to Hoofs and Woofs rescue and is sponsored for his care. He is thriving and loving his life, but we are in need of donations to the rescue to continue to support his feeding, shoeing and medical needs.


Our sweet Belle, a 26-year-old draft cross, taught most of the beginners at the Equestrian Center for several years. With patience and devotion to her students, many learned how to ride and then moved on to more advanced horses. Beginner lessons, with unbalanced riders who put a strain on horses physically, are the hardest on horses. Belle has done so much; now, with an acute lameness, the vet has requested that she stay retired and move to a more open space to live out her remaining years. Donations to sponsor our beloved Belle will ensure that we are able to provide this for her and give her the joy of being with other horse friends in a no-pressure pasture life.

You can help these retirees through sponsorship for their care. Any small amount will help; yearly donations are available, too. Sponsorship can be made through the GRF Sponsor a Horse program and through donations to the Saddle Club, made specifically for the care of these horses. Click the orange Download button below for more information.

We thank you, the residents, for all the love and support you show for our special “equine staff members” and hope to see you soon for a tour or event at the Equestrian Center. 

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