Asphalt Pavement Program Update

To preserve the integrity of the pavement and extend its useful life, GRF and Third Mutual and United Mutual fund an annual program to perform asphalt and concrete improvements on community streets and other GRF and mutual facilities. 

The 2023 asphalt pavement program will begin mid-May. The contractor, All American Asphalt, will distribute and post notifications two weeks in advance of work starting and will post no parking signs 48 hours in advance of work starting. 

The first phase, repair and replacement of damaged concrete directly adjacent to the asphalt area to be repaved, will be completed in June. Please see the following locations where work will occur.


  • Via Estrada at Gate 2 from Paseo de Valencia to Ave Majorca intersection - May 23 to May 31
  • Calle Sonora Este in Gate 14 area - June 5 to June 14
  • Alta Vista at cul-de-sac entrance for B3162 and B3163 - June 14 to June 19
  • Bahia Blanca at cul-de-sac entrance for B5341, B5342, B5343 and B5344 - June 14 to June 19
  • Del Sol from Gate 13 at Moya to B5033/B5072 - June 8 to June 23
  • Cantante - June 12 to June 23
  • Via Estrada at Calle Aragon intersection - June 7 to June 26 (contractor will post days for no traffic over this intersection)


  • CDS 338 Punta Alta 
  • CDS 325 Via Carrizo 
  • CDS 375 Paseo del Lago 
  • CDS 321 Via Buena Vista 
  • CDS 224 Via Mariposa East 
  • Between B3162 and B3163
  • Between B3181 - B3184
  • Between B3294 and B3297
  • Between B3295 and B3294
  • East loop of Calle Sonora Oeste 


  • CDS 13 one-way loop for B632 to B623 - May 15 through May 25
  • CDS 59 - May 18 to May 29
  • CDS 204 - May 26 to June 6
  • Via Estrada near Gate 2 
  • CDS 59 Avenida Majorca 
  • CDS 13 Avenida Sevilla 
  • CDS 204 Via Mariposa West 

The second and final phase includes asphalt grinding, paving and restriping work. Vehicular access to these areas will be restricted during specified times outlined on posted no-parking notices. Watch for updates in future editions of “What’s Up in the Village.”

Throughout this work, VMS and All American Asphalt will make every effort to minimize inconvenience. All motorists and pedestrians are urged to slow down, remain alert and proceed with caution when driving or walking near affected areas. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to enhance the quality of your facilities. If you have any questions about this program, please call 949-597-4625. 

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