When It Rains

Although the wet winter has kept our irrigation costs low, it has taken a toll on the general appearance of the landscaping. Weeds love rain! The turf grasses in the Village thrive in warm seasons and, because cold conditions accompanied the rain, the grass has remained dormant while the weeds have thrived. With such frequent rain, the soil has remained too soft to mow without the lawn mowers causing permanent damage to the turf. To make matters worse, crews need at least three days without precipitation to apply weed killers to the turf or shrub beds.

The Landscaping Department is aware of these issues and is taking steps to catch up on all the work necessary to make the Village look beautiful again. The department has acquired additional mowers and, with a relatively clear forecast for next week, will mow the entire Village beginning this Monday. Following the mowing, staff will vigorously attack the weeds in both the turf and shrub beds. The department has contracted additional workers to help staff crews cover more area at a quicker pace.

The past summer’s watering restrictions halted turf repair, because new seeds need additional water to germinate. Staff will take advantage of the damp environment to begin reseeding some of the turf that needs help before the hot summer months roll in again.

Please keep in mind, even with additional crews, staff has over 650 acres to cover. It will take time to catch up. Please be patient and thank the crews as they work extra hard to make the Village landscaping beautiful again.

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