Flashing Stop Signs

Running a stop sign can cause a collision and threaten the safety of walkers, bicyclists, other vehicle passengers, pets and anyone else in harm’s way. To prevent drivers from running stop signs and reduce the number of collisions, the GRF board approved the installation of 21 solar-powered red flashing LED stop signs—12 for Third Mutual neighborhoods and nine for United neighborhoods. Flashing stop signs capture drivers’ attention and alert them of upcoming intersections so they are less likely to run the stop signs. 

The approved flashing stop signs have been received and will be installed in a phased approach as coordinated by the General Services Department. Installation began last week and will continue at the rate of approximately four per week (weather permitting) until all 21 signs have been installed.

Per the current plan, the following 12 locations in Third Mutual neighborhoods will have flashing stop signs: 

  • Bahia Blanca West and Algarrobo, northbound (one sign)
  • Avenida Sosiega and San Amadeo, westbound (one sign)
  • Avenida Sosiega and Monte Hermosa, northbound and southbound (two signs)
  • Avenida Sosiega and Via Carrizo, westbound (one sign)
  • Cabildo and Avenida Sosiega, northbound and southbound (two signs)
  • Calle Corta and Avenida Sosiega, westbound (one sign)
  • Calle Sonora Este and Calle Sonora Oeste, northbound (one sign)
  • Calle Sonora and Via Vista, westbound (one sign)
  • Via Vista and Via Serena, northbound (one sign)
  • Via Puerta and Via Mariposa East, westbound (one sign)

Per the current plan, the following nine locations in United Mutual neighborhoods will have flashing stop signs: 

  • Avenida Sevilla and Calle Aragon (near Gate 1), southbound (one sign)
  • Avenida Sevilla and Calle Aragon (Gate 3 side), eastbound (one sign)
  • Avenida Sevilla and Avenida Majorca, all four directions (four signs)
  • Avenida Sevilla and Via Mariposa, northbound (one sign)
  • Via Estrada and Calle Aragon, westbound (one sign)
  • Avenida Majorca and Calle Aragon, northbound (one sign)

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