Much Ado About Gate 12

To make the journey to the golf course, pickleball courts and Village Greens a smoother ride, plans are in the works to streamline Gate 12 entry.

Security is researching new technologies for recommendation to the GRF board that will include:

  • Installing a kiosk computer and a scanner to the gatehouse to expedite verifying guests
  • Adding a handheld scanner to more quickly process QR codes to allow entry to an already registered guest
  • Creating a new pass type in the DwellingLive drop-down menu specifically for Gate 12 entry, which would enable guests to be accepted without requiring a member to be present upon their arrival (this will also allow passes that can be scanned by their QR code to be printed similar to overnight parking passes)
  • Researching the feasibility to place an RFID reader on the outside lane to allow expedited entry for residents only

In addition to these possible technological enhancements, signage will direct all residents to show ID and unaccompanied guests to have passes ready for display. A painted solid line will separate the lanes to facilitate incoming golf carts.

In the past two weeks, Gate 12 was staffed with two gate ambassadors to expedite entry for residents and their guests, but this was not as successful as hoped, and the gate house returned to one ambassador.

Thanks to increased awareness among residents who are better prepared with presenting the proper identification and checking in their guests, there has been a decrease in traffic backing up at Gate 12 and, with these new systems in place, your journey to your favorite amenities will be even shorter.

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Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.