Keep Keys Safe

Suppose you’re away on vacation and water leaks into your manor, necessitating quick access to mitigate property damages. Or imagine misplacing your keys or experiencing an emergency requiring assistance. The key file and keyless entry assistance programs can help in such emergencies, when urgent access to your manor is vital and provides security measures to keep your keys secure.

California law requires fumigation companies to have access to the interior of all structures to do a final inspection before fumigation. If you do not have keys or keyless codes on file with Resident Services or did not provide them to the fumigator, you may have to remain at your home until the fumigation crew arrives. If the crew cannot gain entry, you may be charged for locksmith services and costs associated with fumigation delays.

Resident Services maintains keys to manors within the community for the convenience of Laguna Woods Village residents. The key file program is completely voluntary; however, members are encouraged to file manor keys or keyless manor entry codes with Resident Services to ensure the following:

  • In the event of an emergency, authorized personnel may gain access to a manor to perform necessary maintenance repairs.
  • A residing member can obtain their manor keys or keyless manor entry codes to gain manor access if/when the need arises.

The code for keyless entry assistance is kept in the drawer with the other keys. For security, the code is never written or entered into the system. In the event a resident needs assistance gaining entry to their manor, Security would check out the key hook containing the code, aid the resident in gaining access and return the code to Resident Services where it is returned to the locked drawer file/key hook assigned to that manor.

To submit keys or keyless manor entry codes to the key file program, please visit Resident Services at the Laguna Woods Village Community Center, 24351 El Toro Road.

For more information, call Resident Services at 949-597-4600 or email

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