Going the Distance

Have you heard about the 1,000-Mile Club? For 22 years, this club has been tracking, supporting and cheering residents’ efforts as they walk, jog, swim, bike or row their way to 1,000 miles logged in one year. About 30 residents participate each year—one resident has been in the club for 20 years, meaning that she has logged 20,000 miles! Check out these residents who accomplished the 1,000-mile goal in 2021: Ken Benson • Dianna Bolen • Nancy Brown • Deborah Carr • Harrison Cheng • Robert Cunningham • Douglas Daniels • Carol Dolan • Bert Dubois • Shirley Frankel • Janna Gaston • Sharon Gillen • Jonathan Hefferlin • Kathy Higa • Irene Jemetz • Sadra Jones • Michael Kaizoji • Myung Soon Kim • Michael Kishiyama • Dian Kopensky • Mary Lay • Janette Levinrad • Meilan Liew • Jeri Magnetta • Dave Meriwether • Raymond Miller • Krishna Murty • Carole Northrop 

Join Us Now!

The 1,000-Mile Club is open to all residents. Those who finish 1,000 miles by the end of the calendar year will receive a T-shirt.

Here’s a breakdown of participation and completion guidelines:

  • Registration is online only via ActiveNet. Registration begins January 4.
  • The $17 or $20 annual fee includes the T-shirt upon completion of 1,000 miles. 
  • It takes an average of 20 miles per week to reach 1,000 miles in a year.
  • Please record only the miles you actually complete.
  • Mileage can come by way of walking, cycling, swimming, hiking or any activity that involves distance. 
  • Log your progress by sending an email once or twice a month with your miles to the program coordinator.
  • At the end of each month, everyone’s totals are emailed to all participants.
  • The last day to report miles is December 4, 2022.

Contact Danny Mejia at daniel.mejia@vmsinc.org or call 949-268-2275 and leave a message for more information.

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