Challenge Yourself in 2022

The Recreation and Special Events Department invites swimmers to test their mettle by joining the 2022 Lap Challenge to discover whether they can swim the distance from Italy to Greece. 

The total distance, 240 miles, is cumulative over the course of the year. Chart your distance in lengths or laps, using the same measurement each swim session (8,400 laps/16,800 lengths; 35 laps/70 lengths are equal to 1 mile), and check in with the pool attendant each session to log your progress. 

The challenge is open to all residents, runs now through December 23, 2022, and can be done at lap pools 2 and 5 only. 

Call Recreation at 949-597-4273 for more information.

2021 Lap Challenge Results

Congratulations to the 32 swimmers who participated in the 2021 Lap Challenge, attempting to swim from Florida to Cuba (103 miles).

Three swimmers reached or exceeded the goal:

  • Richard Fairweather, 120 miles
  • George Yeh, 117 miles 
  • Heidi Fisher, 106 miles

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