TGIF Dance and Social Club

TGIF is a social club devoted to fun through live music, dancing, and making friends over cocktails. TGIF invites Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests to join us most Fridays at Clubhouse-2, to celebrate whatever comes to mind.  There are no membership requirements, and the fun starts at 4 PM with live music and a no-host bar until 6 PM. Doors open at 3:30 PM. The price is $5 at the door -- door prizes are included. Attendance ranges about 125 to 175.

06 - Doug Houston
13 - Robert Fields Trio
14 - ELVIS - (James Kruk) CH5
20 - Old Spice  
27 - Grumpy Trio
03 - Doug Houston 
10 - Robert Fields Trio
17 - Old Spice
24 - Grumpy Trio
03 - Doug Houston
10 - Robert Fields Trio
17 - Old Spice (23rd Anniversary Diner)
24 - Gran Junction - Country Night!
31 - Grumpy Trio

07 - Doug Houston 
14 - Robert Fields
21 - Old Spice
28 - Grumpy Trio

05 - Doug Houston
12 - Robert Fields Trio
19 - Old Spice
26 - Grumpy Trio
02 - Doug Houston 
09 - Robert Fields Trio
16 - Old Spice 
23 - Grumpy Trio
30 - Cesar Recarte (DJ)

Contact Us

President: Carole Christlle, 949-632-3176
Past President: Cliff Knudson, 949-212-6498
Vice President: Gerri Keysor, 949-230-6498
Secretary: Veronica Westre, 949-212-7307
Treasurer: Bob Figeira, 949-337-0837


Publicity & Web: Debbie Smith-Shank, 815-751-2631
Door & Tickets: Yvonne Church, 313-980-6325
Room Setup: Don Church, 949-206-1623
Special Events: Lorrie Cobb, 951-283-9720
Raffle & Door Prizes: Bob Figeira, 949-337-0837
                                          Gerri Keysor, 949-230-6498
Hospitality & Snacks: John Lesak, 949-454-2174


Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a large segment of the population who worked hard all week. When the workweek came to an end, they looked up to the sky, exclaimed “Thank God It’s Friday”, and promptly headed for the neighborhood bar. Once there, they enjoyed a drink or two, some snacks provided by the bartender, and conversation with their friends, co-workers, and even total strangers. After an hour or two, everyone headed for home, out to dinner, or a weekend getaway. Life was good. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end. As they grew older, they started devoting more and more time to attending Little League games, soccer games, dance recitals, etc., and found that they now had little time for celebrating Fridays. Eventually, they stopped going altogether. We now jump forward with our story to 2001, when a few of these former partyers, now happily retired in Laguna Woods Village, started reminiscing about those Fridays of long ago, and, with great foresight, decided to recreate them. TGIF was born sometime in March (no one is quite sure of the date, but it was sometime around St. Patrick’s Day) of 2001. The organizers were expecting 50 to 100 people to show up, if that. When upward of 500 showed up and they had to turn many away, they knew they had something good.


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