Silver Singers

The Silver Singers provides venues for solo singers while supporting local charities.   We are a new club to Laguna Woods, and welcome singers.  We feature soloists, duets, trios, and quartets.  We do not have meetings, we have gigs.  Currently we have two gigs a month, one on Fridays, and one on Tuesdays.  These gigs are held at the Healthy Aging Center (HAC) of Laguna Woods, a day care center for dementia patients.  We would like to invite you to join our 20+ singers.

Gigs to Date: 

Sept 15. 2023:  Mike, Shirley, Estelle, and David were ready to perform, but we got a call a day before the gig telling us that there had been an outbreak of COVID at the center, and our gig had to be cancelled!

Sept 29, 2023:  Bobbi, The Harmonetts (a trio), Ben, and David were set to perform.  On the day of the gig, Ben was sick, so the show went on with Bobbi, The Harmonetts, and David

Oct 13, 2023:  Jerry, Ben, Shirley, and David were scheduled to perform.  We got a call early on the 13'th that COVID had again appeared at the center.  They were willing to have us perform, but wanted to warn us.  Based on the warning, Jerry decided to decline,  but we decided to go forward with 3 acts.  Unfortunately, Ben could not start his car, so only Shirley and David performed.  It went well, but we could have used another act.

Oct 24, 2023:  Lee & Marcella, Estelle, and David performed.  It was planned that Lee & Marcella would use two of the 15 minute slots, and the show went very well.

Nov 10, 2023:  Jerry, Ben, Frank, and Carol each sang.  Everything went smoothly, and all have been invited back for future gigs!

Nov 21, 2023:  Mike, Bobbi, Grace Jerry and the duet of Lee & Marcella sang.  This was our best performance to date, and it was very well received at the HAC! 

Dec 1, 2023:  Ben, Carol, The Harmonetts, David, Theresa.  We had another great show at the Healthy Aging Center

Dec 19, 2023:  Debbie, Jerry, David.  We had a last minute cancelation, but we proceeded with only 3 singers.

January 9, 2024:  Hawaii, Ben, Mary, Bobbi & Jeffrey, David.  This was our first show with Hawaii, and she (and everyone else) did a great job!

Feb 22, 2024:  We were to have our first gig at a major local Assisted Living facility, but because of health problems this gig had to be canceled.  We intend to revisit this facility in the near future.

Feb 23, 2024:  David was recuperating from the combination of Knee Replacement and COVID on this date, so Ben took over and ran the show.  All accounts are that they did a Great Job!  The show featured Ben, Bobbi, Lance, and Debbie.  All great singers!

March 12, 2024:  Mary, Bobbi, Ben, Greg, all performed.  David was still recuperating but did serve as MC.  Our show was very well received.

April 12, 2024:  Ben, Bobbi, David, Lance, and Mary all performed.  The show was possibly the best yet!

April 23, 2024:  Jeff, Bobbi, David, and a quartet from South County Sound all sung.  It was our first time to have a quartet sing, and it went very well.  They have been invited back!

 Demonstration Video:

Silver Singers Demo

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President:  David Korts


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