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  • Our "Village Library" is a private, community library, for Laguna Woods residents only, and it is not associated with the Orange County Public Library.  You need to be entered into our library system separately, using your Laguna Woods ID Card.
  • OPEN Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm
  • OPEN Wednesdays from 10AM until 7pm
  • OPEN Saturdays 10am to 1pm
  • We are  CLOSED: ALL Sundays and  2019 Holidays listed here:   Tuesday 01- 1, Monday 01-21, Monday 02-18, Monday 05-27, Thursday 07-04, Monday 09-02, Monday 11-11, Thursday 11-28, Saturday 12-07, Tues-Wednesday 12-24 & 25, NwYrsEve 12-31

Contact Us

  • Visit Us:         24266 Calle Aragon, Laguna Woods, CA 92637
  • Write Us      P.O. Box 2220, Laguna Hills, CA 92656
  • Phone Us:     949-597-4274
  • E-Mail Us:  (NOTE: email is only checked once a day)
  • Renew/Reserve:  Use Our OnLine LIBRARY SYSTEM or Talk to The Shift Supervisor During Our Open Hours
  • Search OnLine:  Find HB Books, DVDs and Audio Books on CDs, Using Our  OnLine VILLAGE LIBRARY CATALOGUE


  • After passing the Gate 1 guard you need to be in the Left Lane.
  • At the first Stop Sign, turn left onto Calle Aragon.
  • Watch for the Library and Clubhouse 1 signs. Turn left into the Clubhouse 1 area, then immediately turn right. The Village Library is in the single story building on the right.
  • Parking is limited near the building. If there are no spots available, continue past the library. Turn left onto Calle Aragon and then take immediately left again into the Overflow Parking Lot.


  • As of January 2019, VILLAGE LIBRARY Book Club volunteers host monthly book discussions for 3 book clubs. 
  • Each book club meets at 6:00 PM on a different night of the month: 
    • 2ND MONDAY,
    • 3RD TUESDAY,
    • 4TH WEDNESDAY, aka Women's Voices & The Great American Read.
  • Members of each book club nominate and vote for that club's annual reading selections
  • Our Voting Process begins In the Fall and Book Winners are announced in early December       
  • The book clubs have selected their reading list for 2019, which are now available as a printed brochure at the library's front desk. The brochure is now also available to download/print from this webspace by clicking on the brochure title which appears under the "Documents" heading. 
  • Any resident is welcome to attend any of the VILLAGE LIBRARY BOOK CLUB meetings. Even if you have not had a chance to read the book, you might enjoy hearing what the book club members have to say about their experience reading it. Most of our meetings include some good laughs, and It can be so interesting how differently others can interpret the same words in the same book you both just read! Book Club discussions can be eye opening and mind broadening.


  • Eileen Ordway, President
  • Linda Wida, Vice President
  • Bill Roland, Treasurer
  • Marlene Barkley, Secretary

Our library is totally staffed by volunteers from the Village, over 80 people....checking items in and out, assisting patrons at the Front Desk, shelving/reading/weeding all shelved library items, cataloging and inventorying our holdings, selecting/ordering processing new purchases, sorting/organizing donated items, scheduling and supervising shift volunteers, managing the operations of our Village Library Book Clubs, and focusing and directing the library operation.

Come visit the friendly volunteers at our VILLAGE Library---Our Aim Is To HELP You Keep Reading and Enjoying it!

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