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To enhance the game of badminton for Residents in Laguna Woods Village. To support exercise, good health, safe play, sportsmanship and fellowship, to have fun!


Club house 1, mini Gym


Mornings (played with nylon shuttlecocks/we have loaner racquets) :

Monday to Friday             7:30AM  -  8:50AM            Beginner  -  Intermediate

Saturday                            7:00AM  -  9:50AM            Beginner  -  Intermediate                  

Sunday                             11:00AM  -  2:00PM            Beginner  -  Intermediate                 

Evenings (played with BWF approved feathers shuttlecocks. First time players/beginners do not need to bring a BWF approved shuttlecocks for the first nighttime play.) :

Tuesday                               7:15PM  -  9:30PM           Intermediate  -  Advanced

Thursday                             7:15PM  -  9:30PM           Intermediate  -  Advanced                                                           

Friday                                   7:00PM  -  9:30PM           Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced 

Saturday                              7:00PM  -  9:30PM           Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Sunday                                 7:15PM  -  9:30PM           Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Contact Us

Amy Provorse
(949) 285-0353


Ken Wu

(217) 671-8395


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