Archery Club, Laguna Woods

Donation Drive Accomplished!

Led initially by a senior club member who proposed to match a donated "Target Stands Replacement Fund" up to $200, there are now sixteen club members (six prefer to remain anonymous) who also have generously donated to this fund.

Andy & Tebe Waver
Josh Chen & Sunny Shih
PJ (Pat) Buchanan
Jeannene Mason
Art Manzo
Michael Daversa
Georgie Hackford
Michael Sams

This donation fund of $1,225 plus LWAC promised matching fund of $1,225, as total of $2,450 will be kept separately from Club's general fund as a Reserve Fund for Club's target stands replacement and maintenance only.

The Board expresses our greatest gratitude and appreciation to these sixteen loyal and supportive club donors, and will do our very best to make sure our range is sustainable and club is long lasting.