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The Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club is a non-profit organization of FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators dedicated to serving the public and other Radio Amateurs by assisting in emergencies, disasters, handling radio traffic and facilitating world-wide contacts with other Radio Amateurs.  The Club is located in Orange County, California, in Grid DM13do.

Any resident of Laguna Woods Village with a current FCC issued Amateur Radio license and a willingness to contribute his or her efforts shall be eligible for membership. Associate membership is for non-licensed residents who are studying to get their amateur radio FCC license within 12 months after joining the club.

Message from the President (of the LWV Amateur Radio Club)

Please join us.  For meeting information or questions, contact Mike  949/636-0607

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Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club

2023 Club Officers:

  • President - Mike Epstein, KA6VPG    949/636-0607
  • Vice-President:  Ed Green, AD6SR
  • Treasurer:  Bob Matonti, KN6CVB
  • Secretary:  Steve Nagielski, KD9TIF

2023 Club Committee Chairs

  • Communication Committee - Don, K6IAA
  • Disaster Committee - Mike Epstein, KA6VPG
  • Liaison Committee - Carol Epstein, KB6OTB
  • Program Committee - Steve Pearce, AI6RP
  • Social Committee - Executive Board
  • Technical Committee - Don Hill, KE6BXT,, (714) 345-1114

Associated Activity of the Club:

Next Club Meeting


Next meeting September 5th, 2024 at 1030-1200 AM

NOTE!!  New location!

   the GREVILLEA ROOM at Clubhouse #2

Next Club Breakfast

July 11th, 2024 at 9:30 AM, at the 19th Hole 

 (Yes! We will have an in-person Breakfast!)


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Club NET

We conduct a weekly membership Club Net every Thursday evening at 1830 (6:30 PM)

147.120 MHz, +600 kHz offset with CTCSS* Tone 136.5 Hz   (*Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System).

445.580 MHz, -5 Hz offset with CTCSS* Tone 136.5 Hz  (This is channel 5 on the unified frequency list.).

On the first Thursday of the month, we have a simplex net on 146.580 MHz.  

On the second Thursdays of the month, we have a message handling net to practice sending and receiving messages. 

On the third Thursday of the month, we have a topic net.

The purpose of this net is to inform club members of upcoming activities of the club where members can participate to learn, improve their club, verify their radio's operation and practice the protocol of radio communication in support of the Village emergency response.  After announcements, we take club membership check-ins in alphabetical order.  Any licensed Amateur is invited to check-in as a visitor.


The Laguna Woods Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Net is held every Thursday evening immediately after the Laguna Woods Amateur Radio Club Net on our 2 meter repeater. 

The purpose of this net is to inform club members of upcoming emergency drill activities of the city where club RACES members can participate to learn, improve their skills, verify their radio's operation and practice the protocol of radio communication in support of the Laguna Woods City emergency response.  

RACES members, prospective members, and visitors are invited to check in.

For additional information about Laguna Woods RACES, please see LWRACES.ORG.

Message Practice NET

Join us on the Message Practice Net, right after the RACES Net.  Practice your emergency message handling skills by sending and receiving practice messages.  We send the Captain’s Personal Injury and Building Damage Reports (sample fill in) and Captain’s Personal Injury and Building Damage Reports (blank forms) used by the Laguna Woods Village Disaster Preparedness Task Force as well as the ICS-213 Forms used by  Laguna Woods City.  We look forward to having you join us.

HELPFUL LINKS  (Click on the links below for useful information)

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Laguna Woods Village Emergency Operations Plan

Laguna Woods RACES

City Of Laguna Woods

Orange County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency System (RACES)

South Orange Amateur Radio Association (SOARA) 

FCC Universal Licensing System - License Search

Laguna Woods Village Community Map

ARRL Frequency Band Chart

ARRL "The Doctor is In (SWR Simplified)" podcast

ARRL "So Now What?" podcast for new hams

HF Propagation Tools and Solar Data

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