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In addition to the activities offered through the Recreation Division, more than 250 clubs, special interest groups and organizations offer residents a wealth of fun and entertainment. With so many clubs to choose from, there's sure to be like-minded new friends to make.

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  60 is the new 40
To provide fun, social, cultural and educational activities for "young at heart" residents.
Karen Hunt
  A.A.U.W. - American Association of University Women
A national nonprofit organization empowering women since 1881. Comprised of college graduates (Nursing, Associate Degrees and above) who advocate, educate, research and fund efforts that break through barriers that prevent girls and women from achieving their maximum potential and thereby their contribution to society.
Wanda Clifton
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  AA Ladies Big Book
A support group.
Judy Nussbaum
  ACT Laguna Woods
To create a Laguna Woods chapter of Act for America, a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization devoted to the education and promotion national and local security. This is done through speakers and discussion groups.
Allan Koven
  Active Wellness Club
To bring more awareness to health and anti-aging through natural remedies.
Leslie Carretti
  Aero - Space
Promotes sociability and fellowship between residents who participated, contributed and supported aviation/space activities and desire to be kept informed through club programs and trips.
Ed Read
  African American Heritage Club
To recognize and celebrate African American culture through social, educational and cultural events.
Dr. Fran Williams
  Aglow International
Bible study and prayer and share group.
Laurel Flinn
  ALANON Family Groups
A fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.
Sheri Jackson
  Algarrobo Neighbors and Friends
Provides mutual social and informational benefit for the residents of Algarrobo Street in Laguna Woods Village.
Steven W. Parsons
  Aliso Club
A women’s organization promoting friendship and providing cultural and educational benefits as well as supporting charitable activities.  Entertainment and lunch programs, card playing optional.
Betty Battenburg
  Aliso Creek Conservators
A group of Laguna Woods Village residents who share an abiding interest in the welfare of the Aliso Creek Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.
Elizabeth Morris
  ALNC - A Link: Neighbor Communications
Provides residents an opportunity for community involvement. The mission is a collaborative and innovative community centric partnership that is future focused, and committed to preserve and enhance community quality of life. Membership is free.
Dawn Johnston
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  Alzheimer’s OC Club
A purpose-driven affinity group that is coming together in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease while cultivating a closer relationship between the Laguna Woods community and the Alzheimer’s Association
Sunshine Lutey
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  Amateur Radio Club
Radio operators and others interested in monitoring amateur radio bands in an effort to serve the public in emergencies, handling traffic, and facilitating contacts around the globe. Meetings are open to all residents but membership is limited to FCC licensed residents.
James Riedel
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  American Doctors' Club
Strengthening the diverse aging population in such critical areas as health, socialization, financial security, and fostering ideas through education information, and activities.
  American Italia Club
Predominantly individuals of Italian heritage promoting fellowship and civic service.  Provides a yearly scholarship to a deserving student
Andy Pampuro
  American Legion - Post 257
Renders assistance to Legion members and their families.
William Price
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  Angels Joy
To provide community programs and coordinate classes, lectures, seminars and events which may assist in physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual well-being of the participants.
Nushin Asgari
Promotes women’s synchronized swimming for fitness and enjoyment.  Presents annual water show
  Aquatics Club
Promotes swimming at Laguna Woods Village
  Archery Club
Promotes safety, good foundational technique and community amongst archers of all levels.
Bill Brown
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  Art Association of Laguna Woods
Encourages and inspires creative efforts in painting
Jim Gibson
949-859-6488 />
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  Association of Condos and Co-ops - ACC
Dedicated to networking with owners and shareholders to improve the governance and living conditions of Laguna Woods Village.
Edward H. Tao
  Astronomy Club
Promotes interest in and knowledge of astronomy.
John Hagge
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  Baby Boomers
Provides baby boomer residents a venue for social networking, entertainment and cultural activities which address the interests of people in this age group
Gary Peterson
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  Backgammon Club
Backgammon has survived because it is a fast, stimulating, exciting and fun game. While promoting mental acuity, and stimulating mathematics and strategic thinking, backgammon can also be a simple game of luck.
Jalil Samad Aghaei
To enhance the game of badminton for residents.  To support appropriate exercise, good health, sportsmanship, and safe, enjoyable fellowship
Bill Hindle
  Baha'i Club
Bring unity and harmony to our Village by promoting virtues and healthy life in Laguna Woods Village.
Beverly Dillingham
  Beaders Club
For folks interested in learning beading skills to meet for both formal instruction and to share knowledge.
Jane Warthen
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  Beauty Club
To encourage, promote, and enchance physical, mental, and spiritual beauty of residents through various events such as: seminars, workshops, shows, consultations, lectures, etc.
  Bicycle Club - Recyclers
Rides throughout Orange County and nearby environs bike paths.  Just bring your helmet, car and bike rack.  Carpooling available.  Join us for fun and exercise.
Lorna Strathearn
  Billiards Club
Enhances the enjoyment of billiard players in the community, including advising staff of maintenance needs and suggestions for improving playing conditions in all clubhouses.  Holds tournaments and awards prizes, demonstrates different games and better trains players by utilizing the volunteer talents of many of the more experienced players.
Jack Kamisy
  Billiards Club - Women’s
Provides women with the opportunity to learn to play billiards and eight ball.
Tracey Stewart
  Bocce and Social Club
Promotes good fellowship and healthful outdoor exercise
Joseph Santini
  Brain Fitness and Ayurvedic Sound Health
Invites like-minded Laguna Woods Village residents for classes, activities and experimental training in principles of integrative brain health. The club envisions a lively membership that engages and takes action with each other to meet and support each other to new horizons of possibilities, sharing the new science and knowledge with friends and family
  Bridge Party Progressive
Social bridge. Progressive, ABA Scoring.
Eric Lemke
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  Buddhist Club, SGI
Applies Buddhist philosophy into daily life and promotes global peace.  Done through the inner transformation of each individual
Sally Johnson
  Bunco Group
Provides an informal social environment for women and men to enjoy various games.  Promotes fellowship and sociability in an atmosphere of courtesy and good sportsmanship
  California Club
Membership open to all Laguna Woods Village residents.  Club promotes social and recreational activities. Dinner, dancing, entertainment. Guests are welcome at events.
Cynthia Conners
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  Calligraphy Club
To learn Chinese and Korean Calligraphy by brush (art).
Byung Gwak
  Camera Club
Promotes and advances the art of amateur photography and related arts through participation and education.  Also, through scholarships, assists college and public school students.
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  Cannabis Club
A nonprofit for the purpose of educating, supporting and information Laguna Woods Village residents about the uses and issues for medical cannabis. This club provides a forum where new patients, their families and other interested residents can discuss their illnesses and the benefits of medical cannabis treatment in a safe environment. You can find out more on our Facebook page at
Lonnie Painter
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  Cantonese Club
A gathering of Cantonese individuals to share friendship.
Samuel Tam
  Car Club of Laguna Woods
To provide a forum for information exchange regarding cars of all types, and facilitate activities for social and educational enjoyment. Car ownership is not a requirement.
Bradley Friesen
  Cat Club
Promotes animal welfare in Laguna Woods.  The club has a foster and adoptions program.  Please see our website for information on adoptable cats and lost/found cats.
Suzanne Stowe
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  Center for Spiritual Living Laguna Woods
Formerly Church Of Religious Science
Susan Brown
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  Ceramic Slipcasting Club
Promotes fellowship and the sharing of knowledge in the ceramic arts.
Janet Schafhausen
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  Chabad Jewish Center of Laguna Woods Village
To bring the full Chabad experience of observance, celebration, education and community service to the Village. Dedicated to enhance and strengthen Jewish family life in a non-judgemental, personalized environment.
Nancy Reichbach
  Chess Club
Provides facilities for and promotes the playing of chess in the community
Charlie Frasier
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  Chicago Club
The purpose of the Chicago Club is to provide a social opportunity, to foster friendships and to stimulate a spirit of mutual helpfulness and loyalty, to the club and its members. It meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. and provides entertainment and refreshments. In addition the club has trips throughout the year. All residents are welcome to join.
Sharon Beck
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  Chinese American Citizens Alliance
To promote cultural diversity and respect for American values.
John Gee
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  Chinese American Club
Enhances lasting friendships and promotes common interests among Chinese residents of the community
Wei-Yeh Wang
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  Chinese Dance Club
Practices dance routine and using traditional steps to Chinese music.
Wai Man Luk
  Chinese Social Dance
Provides members with the opportunity to improve their dancing in a social setting that promotes friendship and the Chinese culture.
Terry Mao
  Chorale Laguna Woods
Under competent direction, this club prepares for and appears in voice concerts. Joyce Nanchy
Joyce Nanchy
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  Chronically Advantaged Seniors Health Care
Share and exchange health information to enable and encourage rewarding, full function and active senior living.
John Gee
  City of Hope - Esperanza Chapter
Supports the work of City of Hope, interprets the ideology and pilots medical center programs on the same.  Elects delegates to its national convention.
Marilyn Goldman
  Classic Car Club
Attend car events and field trips for people interested in classic cars.
Bradley Friesen
  Clown Alley
Promotes high-quality clowning, sharing ideas and serving the community.
Donna Doucette
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  Club for Creative Expression
Provides all members with a platform to develop and express their individuality through the artistic medium of their choice.
Renee Devereaux
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  College Club
Promotes and stimulates the educational, cultural, civic and social interests of its members.
Pat Powell
  Community Civic Association
A voluntary educational and service organization with membership open to all residents.  Its purpose is to study governance, management and other concerns arising in the community to disseminate information to residents pertaining to such matters and by appropriate action, endeavor to bring about the resolution of such concerns.
Denise Welch
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  Community Concerts
Provides a selection of talented artists to perform instrumental and vocal concerts in the community
Carol Coppage
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  Compassion and Choices
Promotes education and support for the terminally ill which includes choices, dignity, compassion, and control.  Its ultimate purpose is to support legislation that legalizes its primary goals
Marilyn Kappes
  Computer Club - MAC
Encourages fellowship and exchange of information by those residents interested in the Apple computer
Bill Tilley
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  Computer Club - PC
Encourages fellowship and exchange of information by those residents interested in the PC as a hobby.
Bob Sellards
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  Concerned Citizens
An active interactive group promoting a commitment to peace, social and economic justice, good government and protection of the environment.
Diane Bauman
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  Continental Singers
Revives and cultivates traditional songs brought to the USA by emigrants from Europe.  Creates good will through music
  Council Of Catholic Women - St. Nicholas
Practices devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and assists in preserving the honor of the altar and all things pertaining thereto.
Myrium Kouri
  Coyote Watch Group
To make Laguna Woods safe and secure for reisdents and their pets by eliminating the threat of coyote attacks.
Fritze Rodic
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  Crazy Quilters
Meet other quilters, help and encourage each other to improve quilting skills by sharing knowledge, patterns, and resources
Candy McLaughlin
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  Creative Arts Group
An opportunity to inspire artistic endeavors including painters, quilters, scrap-bookers, knitters and creative artists.
Penni Rubin
  Cribbage Club
Promotes the playing of cribbage and sponsors matches and tournaments.
Robert Levy
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  Dance - Square Dancers
Provides a congenial atmosphere for residents to maintain, improve or learn square dancing skills.  Provides square dances from “mainstream” through “A1” as well as “round dance” nights.  Beginner square dance classes start every September.
Pat Hensley
  Dance - Village Rounders
To provide residents with a class offering Round Dancing. A sister organization to the Village Squares Dance Club, classes will be held weekly, and a dance social will be held monthly. Round Dance provides good exercise and is a great social outlet.
Diane Stroebel
  Dance 4 Fun
Pat N. Chiu
  Dance Club - American Ballroom
Provides members with the opportunity to enjoy all conventional styles of ballroom dancing in an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere
Emile Broadwin
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  Dance Club - Ballroom
Provides members with the opportunity to improve their dancing ability and provides entertainment and good fellowship
Patricia Gutsin
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  Dance Club - Golden Girls
Promote greater appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity in Laguna Woods Village by advancing intercultural education through diverse forms of dance and music.
Amy Ren
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  Dance Club - International/Folk
Promotes participation in international folk dancing.  Educates about cultural origins, provides exercise and encourages fellowship.
Frieda Gorelick
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  Dance Club - Square Dance
Provides a congenial atmosphere for residents to maintain, improve, or learn square dancing skills. Provides square dances from “mainstream” through “A1” as well as “round dance” nights. Beginner square dance classes start every September
Pat Hensley
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  Dance Club - Village Rounders
To provide residents with a class offering Round Dancing. A sister organization to the Village Squares Dance Club, classes will be held weekly, and a dance social will be held monthly. Round Dance provides good exercise and is a great social outlet.
Diane Stroebel
  Dancers, Laguna International
Promotes folk dancing.
Miriam Kahn
  Daughters Of The British Empire
Financially helps in supporting a home for the aging in Sierra Madre California.
Mary McAdara
  Democratic Club
Contributes to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party, develops leadership to increase party responsibility, maintains and promotes harmony within party ranks.
Linda Nearing
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  Disaster Preparedness Task Force
The Disaster Preparedness Task Force of our community was organized in 1989, and consists of volunteers who function under the Security Department of Golden Rain Foundation. Their purpose is to keep residents aware, informed, and prepared for major disasters.
Kathleen Mathews
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  Discovering Documentary Film Club
Provides monthly documentaries from a selection of films about art, nature and science, human experiences, global populations, and thought-provoking ideas
CeCe Sloan
  Discussion Club - Sunday
Discusses current events in a friendly manner.
Evelyn Suskin
  Dog Club
Encourages owners of dogs to be better members of the community. Promotes interest in and proper care of dogs in the community.
Ronald Drauden
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  Dream Chorale Club
Group of friends that get together and sing.
Danny Jen
  Drumming - Rhythm Of Life
Provides the opportunity for residents to experience the healing power of group drumming and passion for life.
Jerry Self
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  Duplicate Bridge Club
Promotes interest in and enjoyment of duplicate bridge in an atmosphere of courtesy, good sportsmanship and high ethical standards
John Luebbe
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  Dutch American Club
Provides an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among its members. Provides programs and entertainment for all to enjoy
Edward Reindorp
  Electronics Club
The aim of this club is to teach individuals how to service electronics, such as, computers, laptops, television, and other small electronic products.
Farzin Agahi
  Encore Laguna Woods
Minister to residents of Laguna Woods by providing support and encouragement through weekly meetings. Neighbors helping neighbors.
Frank Ciotti
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  Energy Club
Promotes energy savings in Laguna Woods Village and city through the employment of alternative energies and conservation.
Berton Moldow
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  Entre Nous Bridge
Social bridge club
Jane Burke
  Esther's Interview Club
Laguna Woods has many residents living here that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. People from Esther's Interview Club will share their interesting histories.
Esther Grossfield
  Evergreen Line Dance Club
Promotes greater appreciation and enjoyment of line dancing as their main daily exercise, enhances friendship, strengthens  their physical bodies, and memorials in their golden years.
Allen Hsu
  Exciting Woman Writers and Poets
  Exercise with Praise
To promote physical and spiritual health by exercising through music and praises.
Irine Hwang
  Film Club
Brings select classical and foreign films to the community residents.
Arlene Sontag
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  First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Visit the website for more information.
Howard Collins
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To learn more about the cuisines and cultures of various Orange County ethnic groups, fellowship of Village residents who share these interests, exchange restaurant information and fine cuisine experiences together, organize various eating experiences and attend a broad spectrum of cuisine outings, discover new adventures in eating.
Leslie Palm
  Foreign Policy Association
Promotes and maintains an informed and comprehensive opinion on major issues.
Kathryn Freshley
  Foundation of Laguna Woods Village
Assists needy residents in any way possible, financially or filling some physical needs.
Marcy Sheinwold
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  Friends of Laguna Canyon
Acts as an outreach and educational arm of Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) which stewards the 20,000+ wilderness acres that surround our Village. We inform Village residents, and their families, of activities i.e. hiking, bird watching, flora/fauna, geological,photography, and other programs being offered for free by LCF. Friends of Laguna Canyon is a no-cost club.
Andy Cmiel
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  Friends of the Village
Promotes Laguna Woods Village by publicizing our lifestyle to people inside and outside of our community.
Catherine Brians
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  From the Wings Chapter of the Guilds of the Performing Arts Center
Promotes the center and its many activities to the chapter's current members and potential members throughout the community.
Gail Berra
Offers different and interesting day travel adventures. Get away on buses and trains to new, interesting, exciting, and educational events: luncheons, shopping at outlets, and food tasting.
Loretta Sheppard
  Garden Centers Club
Promotes interests of active gardeners using Garden Centers One and Two. Provides forum to meet, socialize, discuss problems, and help each other improve gardening skills.
Katherine Platt
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  Garden Club
Fosters friendship and interest in horticulture.
Ann Jenkinson
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  Garden Villa Association
Improves communication with Third Mutual.
Lynn Jarrett
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  Gate 11 Club
To provide a forum for the exchange of information and the sharing of ideas toward the continued improvement of our community and to encourage resident involvement and social interaction.
Eileen Lazar
Contact Sophia Choi to learn more about this exciting club.
Sophia Choi
  German American Club
Open to all residents.
Egon Garthoffner
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  Golbung Patogh
Promotes social networking, friendship, and entertainment while promoting Persian culture.
Simin Peasley
  Golf Club - Men’s 18 Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events.
Donald Fleming
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  Golf Club - Men’s 9 Hole
Provides opportunity for men to play nine hole golf and participate in tournaments.
Scott Breunsbach
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  Golf Club - Women’s 18 Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events.
Tamela Limon
  Golf Club - Women’s Nine Hole
Stimulates a sportsman like interest in golf and conducts tournaments and special events.
Geraldine Farragher
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  Greek American Club
To encourage the continuation of Greek traditions, language, and culture and provide a social avenue for entertainment and friendship.
Dimitri Karas
  Guitar Club
The Guitar Club needs knowledgeable players who can show their technique to other players. The club meets periodically. The goal of the club is to exchange ideas and methods to improve the technique of the instrument, and the knowledge of music.
Bernard Frenkel
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Promotes and supports medical programs in Israel and fosters American affairs and educational study groups in the USA
Carol Hirsch
A group of 25-30 women from Laguna Woods Village who sing two and three part harmony.  Songs from the 40’s up to and including the Beatles.  Special programs for the holidays and patriotic events.
Joyce Nanchy
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  Healthy Living
Explores modalities for living a healthy, happy, and abundant life.  To feel more alive, to be more connected to each other and to nature.  To be less isolated, and more comfortable with change.  To enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  To recognize the realities of our aging, to keep what we can, accept what we must and support ourselves in aging gracefully.
Caterina Freeman
  Hearing Well Club
Provides information, education, and resources for people with hearing loss and their families. The Hearing Well Club helps to maximize a person’s residual hearing and to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. Additionally, the Hearing Well Club seeks to improve hearing accessibility in the community.
Toni Barrient
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  Helena Modjeska Club
To promote multicultural goodwill, understanding and friendship through cultural programs from various nations.
Kris Cieply
  Heritage Pointe
Raise funds for Laguna Woods Village residents.
Club did not provide.
  Hiker's Club
Promotes good health and social relationships while hiking throughout Orange County. Every Saturday the group meets for a hike.
Anne Gilbert
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  History Travel Club
Provides social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership.
  Holistic Inner Science of Blissful Living
To combine all knowledge from science, technology, and spirituality to develop new approaches to solve age-old problems, so that we may live harmoniously with one another and start to recognize, cherish, and sustain the natural treasures we have taken for granted.
Vijay Patel
  Hula Club
Welcomes members to explore the history, dance, cultural practice, handicrafts, and language of Hawaii, through the medium of Hula, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
Jean Sheik
  Hungarian American Club
To enable those of Hungarian decent and their families to meet and enjoy the sharing of Hungarian culture and language, to socialize and make friends.  Non-Hungarians with similar interests are also welcome.
Agnes Csotsits
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  India Club
To provide and assist members in obtaining social, health, academic, and business related information and/or opportunities.  To promote peace, non-violence, and support environmental related issues.  To promote, organize, and support fairs, exhibits, entertainment, and other programs related to East Indian tradition and heritage for cultural exchange and enhancement.  To assist and promote charitable and humanitarian community services in Laguna Woods Village and throughout the nation.  To liaison with local and state government agencies in pursuance of the above objectives.
Susmita Mukherjee
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  Inventors Club
If you have ideas for new inventions, patents, even if you have no technical experience, the Inventors Club will help you realize these ideas, and be ready to go to market. Women are encouraged to join and members will act as mentors to help them realize their ideas.
Philip Maitland
  Investment Club
Provide a monthly open forum for discussion of different types of investments and different methods.
Michael Daillak
  Iranian Club
To enhance lasting friendship and to promote common interests among Iranian residents of the Community.  To promote and encourage the preservation of customs, traditions, and heritage of the Iranian culture and language.  To provide assistance to new Iranian residents by familiarizing them with the local community and life style.  To organize and celebrate together the Iranian traditional festivities and other social activities.
Mina Ford
  Japanese Culture Club
To enhance lasting friendships and to promote Japanese culture among residents of the community.
Mike Osakada
  Jewish Cultural Club
Dedicated to keeping the Yiddish culture and language alive, recalling the customs and observations of Yiddish forefathers.
Nate Kventy
  Jewish Federation and Family Services
Coordinates and administers the United Jewish Fund Campaign in the region on a yearly basis as part of the overall United Jewish Fund Campaign.  Furthers the purpose and interests of the Jewish Federation through local information and educational programs
Harriet Schwartz
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  Jewish National Fund
Keeps the community informed of the work, aims and needs of the Jewish National Fund. Plans special events to further the work of JNF and builds a feeling of friendship and good will among members.
Aloha Saxon
  Jewish War Veterans - Post 680
Serves all veterans regardless of race, creed or nationality
Emil Welden
  Joyful Christian Church
Please contact Mr. Yeh for more information.
Richard Yeh
949-208-1380 a href="">
  Karaoke Club - Village
Provides singers and friends a place to socialize and have fun. Music and entertainment  provided by Frankie J's entertainment.
Judith Oberman
  Karaoke Club in Chinese
To enjoy life in paradise by providing the opportunity to participate in musical events with a karaoke machine with all songs in various dialects of the Chinese language
  Komedy Klub
Enhance the feelings and enjoyment of the community members.  “Laughter is the best medicine.”
Ms. Joey Sims
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  Korean American Club
Promotes mutual understanding and friendship for club members.
Nancy Kwon
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  Korean Art Class Club
We are learning to paint "Western Arts" in class with out instructor.
  Korean Auto Harp Club
Learn and practice music with the harp.
Joann Chung
  Korean Book Club
A group to provide assistance to publish books for members of the club, and to promote friendship and harmony among the members.
Won Chang
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Literature, Involvement, Friendship, Education. Women’s organization to advance and promote the general welfare of and give financial support and assistance to Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.
Brenda Barrie
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  L.I.F.E. - Literature, Involvement, Friendship, Education
Women’s organization to advance and promote the general welfare of and give financial support and assistance to Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
Brenda Barrie
  Laguna Woods Car Club
  Laguna Woods Chorale
Under competent direction, prepares for and appears in vocal concerts
Joyce Nanchy
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  Laguna Woods History Center
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  Laguna Woods Village Symphony Orchestra
Community musicians that provide two community concerts each year.
Rita Holcomb
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  Lapidary Club
Encourages creativity and craftsmanship in all forms of lapidary. We do grinding and polishing of rocks, make jewelry, faceting of gem stones and intarsia. We maintain a pleasant working environment in Clubhouse 4 as well as foster the exchange of ideas and information.
Mike Epsteinl
  Law of Attraction Club
To provide the opportunity for folks to gather together to discuss and apply the Law of Attraction.
Sandy O'Conner
  Lawn Bowling Club
Good non-strenuous outdoor exercise among friendly people.  A competitive sport you can enjoy for many years.
Bob Gervase
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  League Of Woman Voters
Studies various facets of government
Mimi Singer
  Library Club
The Library is primarily a recreation facility supported by gifts from many Community organizations and individuals.  The Library maintains the book collection including current best sellers as well as old favorites.  The entire day to day operation is run by volunteers who find the activity an important and satisfying contribution to the Community.
Eileen Ordway
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  Life After Fifty Singles
”L.A.F.S.” meets to share laughs, bible study about “How to survive as singles in a couples world,” making new like-minded friends, and share potluck refreshments.
Tim Dupuie
  Life After Life
Provides public education about experiences that suggest continued consciousness beyond death
Elizabeth McAdams
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  Life Long Learners Club
Sharing knowledge we each have with one another.
  Living Tree Club
A club for educational and cultural purposes.
  Lovers of Music
Facilitates residents in purchasing tickets for and transportation to concerts presented by the Pacific Symphony Orchestra as well as other cultural events and concerts in southern California
Marlene Carr
  Lutheran Heritage Club
Promotes friendship and fellowship among its members interested in Lutheran traditions.
Richard Smith
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  Mantra Meditation Club
Promotes the teaching and practice of meditation as a way of enriching health and well-being in a relaxed and peaceful environment.
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  Mayflower Congregational Church
  Meditation and Spirituality
To relax the body and mind and meditate with no effort and reduce stress.
Janice Burstin
  Melody Makers
Promotes barbershop singing and good fellowship.
Graham Johnson
  Metaphysics Club
Fosters interest in the field of parapsychology including ESP, psychic phenomena, and healing
Carolyn Davison
  Mindful Eating Club
Creates the opportunity for folks to come together to increase knowledge about mindful eating, and plant-based, whole foods.
Nancy Fisser
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  Mufon Laguna Woods
Meetings about extraterrestrials.
Club did not provide
Philanthropic organization supporting Israeli projects.
Sarah Rosenzeig
949-458-2661 />
Barbara LaFranca
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  NARFE - National Association of Retired Federal Employees
Enhance the benefits and general welfare of active and retired federal employees and their surviving annuitants
James Mathews
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  National Council Of Jewish Women
A volunteer organization inspired by Jewish values, that works through a program of research, education, advocacy, and community service to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families, and strives to ensure individual rights and freedom for all.
Sharon Beck
Exchanges ideas and helps each other with designing and creating in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Virginia Borgatta
  Neuropathy Support Group
A quarterly information and support group that will focus on sharing their experiences with Neuropathy and educate them about various treatments.
Marie Padveen
  New Jersey Club
Social organization open to all residents of Laguna Woods Village and their guests.
Jean Janowsky
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  New York Club
Social organization open to all residents of Laguna Woods Village and their spouses.
Barry King
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  Newspaper Club
Will write and publish a newspaper that is by, for, and about residents of Laguna Woods Village, as a compliment to the Globe
Paul Lambert
  Nicotine Anonymous Club
Helps people to stop smoking.
  Nifty Club
Promotes socializing among younger residents through conversation, trips, and potlucks.
Martinia Mangan
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  Nutrition Club
An informal group that meets to learn about nutrition options that would improve physical, mental, and social well-being.  Medical professionals, nutritionists, counselors, and teachers speak on healthy eating styles.
Frieda Gorelick
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  O.R.T. - Women’s American
ORT America has chapters across the US.  They support 300,000+ students in schools.  Each student is trained to meet the challenges of today’s world in computers, engineering, and mechanical technology.  They aim to improve public education, promote literacy, combat Anti-Semitism, and support women’s rights.
Jeanie Keleman
  Oasis For Free Thinkers
A group of like-minded people who celebrate and respect the natural world without the need of supernatural forces.  They come together to share information, ideas, and good times in an environment free of deities and dogma.
Sunshine Lutey
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  OC Village Peggers
To foster and encourage the enjoyment in playing the game of cribbage in a congenial and non-threatening environment. The club will also teach the rules and fine points of the technique and strategy allowing inexperienced players to play against “veterans.” The club will also propagate a youth movement in teaching young people to learn and enjoy the game of cribbage.
Bill Eilers
  Ocean Club
Offers many varied social events and club functions throughout the year.  Embodies boaters and non-boaters including day and multi-day inland trips that interest members.  Goal is to provide a safe environment that fosters camaraderie, fun, learning nautical skills, and the enjoyment of boating aboard “Brisa” the club’s 28 foot Newport Sloop out of Dana Point Harbor
Dr. Marvin Fineman
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  Old Pros
Provides a time and place for persons of the entertainment world plus interested spouses and resident friends to meet and enjoy fellowship.
Sheila Bialka
  One Ten Club
An association of original Mutual 68 and 69 residents merged into Third Mutual in 1985.  A social organization addressing items of interest affecting the mutual.
Andy Cmiel
  Open Music Class
Sophia Choi
  Optimal Living Club
The purpose is to promote healthy living lifestyle habits consistent with the criteria as set by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  Overeaters Anonymous
A 12-step program for people with problems relating to food such as overeating, binge eating, bulimia and anorexia.
Barbar Wolk
  Oxygen Adventure Club
Promotes education, support, sharing, recreation and “tribe” for people on oxygen.
  P.E.O. Group
A sisterhood seeking growth in charity, wisdom and culture.
Joyce Nanchy
  Paddle Tennis Club
In every way possible, enhances the game of paddle tennis in the Community including advising staff of maintenance needs and suggestions for improving playing conditions.
Joe Fitzekam
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  Performing Arts Company
Provides live theatrical entertainment featuring resident performers
Benji Johnson
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  Persian Game Club
Promotes any culture that speaks Farsi, and plays games associated with Persian culture. The group is also open to anyone who would like to learn how to speak Farsi, or learn about the Persian culture.
Pardiss Broomand
  Philosophy Club
Engages the minds of members of the Laguna Woods audience through presentation of philosophical topics followed by an active discussion.
Katherine Baum
  Pickleball Club
Promotes good health and exercise, fun, and socialization with others through regular drop in and tournament play.  Provides free lessons.
Joan Brown
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Meets regularly to play pinochle and socialize
Doris Helwig
  Pittsburgh Club
Social club for Pittsburgh natives and friends.
Hal Horne
  Players Club
Brings together residents socially who enjoy the entertainment of arts, bingo, casino games and travel. Bingo at Clubhouse 1 on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.
Clarence Mauver
  Polio Survivors Plus
A support group of polio survivors, people with disabilities, medical, or other professionals who serve people with disabilities, their caregivers, family, friends and associates.
Gladys Bushin
  Polish Club
Promotes friendship and fellowship among its members interested in Polish culture and traditions.  Organizes luncheon meetings with programs designed to educate and inform members and friends of the club about Polish history, culture, and traditions through lectures, films, and other activities.  Sponsors concerts of Polish music, organizes trips to interesting places of Polish heritage, and celebrates holidays with Polish traditions.  All residents are welcome to join the club and participate in its activities.  Meetings are in English.

Irena Lawyer
949-206-9122 />
Marie Gates
  Porcelain Artists of Laguna Woods
Promotes china painting.
Naomi Bernstein
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  Potters & Sculptors Club
Encourages creativity and fine craftsmanship in ceramic and sculptural arts.
Lynda Borges
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  Professionals Club
The club is designed to meet and understand the difference of all nationalities and cultural groups.  They feel that the best way to bring the Village together is to meet and understand each other.  The main objective is to connect with one another and pay it forward to the community by sharing our expertise, whatever that may be and to help one another.
Leslie Carretti
  Protect Property Values
Educates Laguna Woods residents on issues impacting property values.  It is important to not only protect our values and equity but also improve our investments for ourselves and our heirs.
Stevie Magid
  Quilter's Club
Meet other quilters, help and encourage each other to improve quilting skills by sharing knowledge, patterns, and resources
Candy McLaughlin
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  Radio Club (Amateur)
Radio operators and others interested in monitoring amateur radio bands in an effort to serve the public in emergencies, handling traffic, and facilitating contacts around the globe. Meetings are open to all residents but membership is limited to FCC licensed residents
James Riedel
  Rainbow Club
 Organized to provide social opportunities for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community residing in Laguna Woods Village.
Larry Delira
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  Reform Temple of Laguna Woods
“The temple within the walls.” Promote the fundamentals of reform Judaism while encouraging a friendly caring community.  Goals include enabling members to establish warm relationships with those around them through prayer, study, socializing and acts of loving kindness.
Evelyn Tysch
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  Republican Club
Raises political consciousness and promotes a wider knowledge of the principles and policies of the Republican Party.  Encourages active participation by club members in a sociable setting with those who share the Republican philosophy.  Works for the election of Republican Party nominees … local, state and national.
Bob Berra
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A non-partisan organization dedicated to assiting our members and our community in effectively expressing and acting on our concerns regading the dangerous situation that our country is faced with during these troubling times. This group shall stress education, awareness/understanding, and the sharing of important information. We shall endeavor to bring together people interested in protecting our rights and system of government.  
Jim Gibson
  Robert's Rules Study Club
Promotes knowledge and interpretation of parliamentary procedure.
Joan Milliman
  Rock n’ Rollers
Go places and do things that fit our shake, rattle and roll generation.
John Lesak
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  Rod and Gun Club
Promotes all forms of hunting, fishing, and related activities such as trap and skeet
Richard Miller
  Rumi Book Club
A group of friends and family who study the work of Rumi.
  Rummikub and Mexican Train
Brings together residents who are interested in playing and enjoying the game of rummikub also known as rummy tiles and Mexican train.
Yvonne Daggett
  RV Wheelers Club
Promotes social and recreational interest through rallies and camping trips.
Dee Wennerstrom
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  Saddle Club
Promotes interest in horsemanship, riding and related social events.
Tammy Barile
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  Saddleback Church of Laguna Woods
Joan McConville
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  Saddleback Kiwanis
International service organization dedicated to providing service and filling community needs through 28 committees in such areas as disabled persons, hospital services, education, scholarships, and many other local projects.
Jim Kane
  Scottish Dance and Social Club
Provides a venue for Scots residing in Laguna Woods, those of Scottish ancestry, and other Scotophiles, interested in promoting the arts and culture of Scotland.
Frank Searle
  Scrabble Club
A social group providing fellowship among its members.
Barbara Sanchez
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  Security Officers Club
Promotes goodwill and social activities for its members.
  Senior Clown Alley
Promotes high quality clowning, sharing ideas, and serving the community
Donna Doucette
  Senior OC NORML
An activist group that promotes changes in the current laws regarding legalizing medical  marijuana.
Barbara Ayala
  Seoul National University Alumni Club
Promotes mutual fellowship and social goodwill among Seoul National University graduates, attendees, current and past faculty members.
Kyung Sun Suh
  Serious Readers Book Club
To sponsor lectures, and/or discussions about serious contemporary literature.
Martin Rosencrans
  Sew On Club
Maintain and expand mental well being; learn new skills, share expertise, enjoy the health benefits of the community.
Penny Irion
  Shadi Club
Promotes social networking, friendship, and entertainment while celebrating Persian culture.
  Shakespeare and the Modern Culture Society
Reads the plays and poems of William Shakespeare, reads and discusses books about Shakespeare, views various films based on his plays, enjoys Shakespeare productions together including visits to festivals such as the local theaters, summer productions in Garden Grove, invites eminent Shakespearean actors, directors, producers, and scholars to our meetings along with our own Laguna Woods scholars, and participates in various other activities such as social reading groups and social hours.
CeCe Sloan
949-458-7967 or
  Shuffleboard Association
Promotes interest in shuffleboard for the enjoyment of its members and residents.

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  Singles Club
Will provide a non-denominational social forum for male and female singles of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to meet new friends, enjoy varied activities suggested by club members, and generally network.
Susan Kramer
  Sino Club
Promotes friendship, entertainment and fitness, exchange of information, provides help and resources, and promotes Chinese culture through a variety of cultural, artistic, and sports activities.  A shared joyful spiritual home of people of Chinese descent from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and other regions of the world.
John Li
  SNU, Medical Alumni Club
For Alumni of Seoul National University; promotes recreation, social, and study activities.
S. Steven Kim
  Softball Club
Every Monday morning, the club meets to practice fielding, hitting, and throwing skills.
Will Grossfield
  Song Circle
Formerly Moonlighters Song & Dance Club. Provides members with the opportunity to sing or play a song of their choosing with instrumental accompaniment provided by members of the club.  Meeting are not regularly scheduled but will be held after notification to the membership.
Craig Charlton
  Song Writers Club
Gets lyricists and musicians together to collaborate, help each other writer and score original music and share and inspire each other.
Penni Rubin
  SOUL - Students of Unconditional Love
Enhances the quality of life for others and ourselves by increasing the opportunities to experience unconditional love in our daily lives.
Jeanne Sanner
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  South Coast Symphony Alliance
Engages in the performance of music for the education and benefit of the public to promote and encourage an interest in the fine and performing arts; and to adopt and present an ongoing interest in musical programs presented by the South Coast Symphony performing in Lake Hills Community Church and to raise funds for the symphony through the Laguna Woods home tour held every spring.
Gail Foor
To construct a legendary space train 999 created and written by Mr. Leiji Matsumoto and to make it run in space (more than 60 miles away).
Max Kimura
  Spoken Word
A place for writers, poets, playwrights, stand-up comics, monologists, and storytellers to develop new material.  In monthly meetings members have the opportunity to read or perform their material and if desired, get feedback.
Charles Redner
  St. Nicholas Parish Senior Singles Club
Is a Catholic club initiated by a parishioner who is a Laguna Woods Village Resident. Members share friendship, happy times, and good conversation with people of all cultures and faith backgrounds.
Dolores Stolle
  Sunshine Performance Club
Provides musical variety benefit shows for local hospitals and the Alzheimer’s Association and can be booked for club events and private parties.
Sunshine Lutey
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  Table Tennis Club
Provides enjoyable and healthful physical activity as well as the social benefits of club membership.
Pin Fei Yang
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  Taiwanese Christian Fellowship
Fellowship for bible study and other activities.
Shirley Chen
  Taiwanese Club
Social group that promotes sociability and fellowship between Taiwanese residents and organizes activities of interest to its members.
Ken Y Lee
  Tea Party Sentinels
A non-partisan club that supports a Constitutional Republic based on the Rule of Law.  Advocates limited government, limited spending and limited taxation.
Richard Palmer
  Temple Judea Social and Cultural Club
Promotes social and cultural activities for members
Jean Janowsky
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  Tennis Club
Brings together those with an interest in tennis for their mutual enjoyment and benefit and  forms an organization for the promotion and direction of tournament play and social events sponsored by the club.
Joe Bergeon
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  TGIF Social Club
A social club devoted to fun through dancing and making friends over cocktails.  Invites everyone to join us most Fridays at Clubhouse Two to celebrate whatever comes to mind.  There are no membership requirements, and the fun starts at 4 p.m. with live music and a no-host bar until 6 p.m.  There is a small charge at the door which includes snacks and door prizes.
Cliff Knudson
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  The Village String Band
Enjoys and studies music and entertains others.  Provides a variety of music for the listening and dancing pleasure of their audiences.
Sharon Rosen
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  Theatre Guild
Provides live theatrical entertainment featuring resident performers.
Joan Laing
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  Topic Masters Club
Helps members improve their abilities to communicate effectively.
David Chambers
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  TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly
Supports and assists residents in providing supervision in weight loss.
Judy Nussbaum
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  Travel Club
To create a forum for Laguna Woods residents to discuss travel and exchange information and experiences with each other. We can share videos of our travels, experiences and offer tips to help others plan and enjoy their travel. We also bring in travel experts to provide new information and suggestions about new possibilities for exciting adventures that we may not have imagined.
Michael Berman
  Ukulele Club
As one of the oldest clubs in the Village, members sit in a circle and can choose from a songbook with more than 300 songs to sing and/or play their ukuleles.
Craig Charlton
  Unity Club
A club focusing on education—the study of unity principles including focus on spiritual growth, prosperity and living positively.
Elizabeth McAdams
  Video Club
Aids Village residents in preserving and creating precious memories from old film, photos, slides, and VHS tapes or recent videos through instruction in editing and adding enhancements such as titles, music, and voice overs at the Video Technology Center (LAB).  Interviews and productions are made in the Video Club’s professional studio at Clubhouse Two. Drop in during lab hours to view our many resources or get answers to technical questions.
Steve Carman
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  Village Beaders
For those interested in learning beading skills to meet for both formal instruction and to share knowledge
Jane Warthen
  Village Church at Laguna Woods Village Assembly
Please contact Mr. Bayer for more information.
Michael Bayer
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  Village Memory Makers
Will promote scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamping, and other paper-crafting hobbies, through the gathering of Village residents and the sharing of skills. Open to beginners and advanced crafters alike.
Lynnette Siler
  Village Publishing Club
Facilitates publishing for residents’ works: eBooks, books, manuscripts, journals, memoirs, poetry, greeting cards, music, photos, or videos.
Peggy Edwards
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  Vision Club
Provides information and resources that help people maintain independence, develop coping strategies and improve their quality of life.
Beth Donahue
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  Voices of Exciting Women Writers and Poets
To provide programs about women’s voices through their writings, poems, and presentations via multi-media.
Cece Sloan
  Volleyball Club
Promotes fellowship through the game of volleyball.
Ron Conklin
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  Wellness in the Woods
A place to grow and find your own pathway to health.
Leslie Carretti
  Western Bluebird Club
To preserve and protect the Western Bluebird, sialia Mexicana and other cavity-nesting birds through established best practices of conservation biology and educational outreach.
Danny Henson
  Wings Chapter of the Guilds of the Performing Arts Center
Promotes the Center and its many activities to the chapter’s current members and potential members throughout the community
Gail Berra
  Women Empowered
Women helping women have a better quality of life.  Imparts and clarifies information to members so they can make better decisions in their lives.
Club did not provide.
  Women’s Connection
Promotes fellowship
Nancy Sedillo
  Writers Club
Provides mutual support and information exchange among the members regarding all facets of writing from the creative process to publishing and marketing, critiquing work in progress, encouraging new writers’ competitions and promoting book fairs.
Richard Snyder
  Yacht Club
To promote and provide safe yachting and boating experiences for members and their guests on privately owned sloop docked in Dana Point.  Provides social functions, local trips, overnight tours, and multiple day excursions that focus on ocean and harbor activities.
Darrel Vorderstrasse
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  Yoga Club - Gentle
To promote the principles of gentle adaptive yoga with a certified yoga instructor for improvement of strength, posture and balance.
Kristine deYoung

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