ETWD Provides Detailed Drought Emergency FAQs

All of California is facing a third consecutive year of drought and nearly 60% of the state is categorized in an extreme drought. This year is becoming the state’s driest year on record, with January, February and March being the driest in more than 100 years. Water years 2020 and 2021 were the driest two-year sequence on record for precipitation in the state and were characterized by high temperatures and dry soil. As a result, in October 2021, Governor Newsom declared a drought state of emergency for all 58 counties in California, including Orange County. 

California is still under a drought emergency, which calls for a 15% voluntary reduction in statewide water use. In addition, the State Water Resources Control Board also enacted mandatory conservation regulations to prevent wasteful water uses and promote water conservation during the current drought emergency. 

Recently, due to the statewide water reductions not meeting expectations, the Governor is urging water suppliers to take a more aggressive response to the ongoing drought and to implement additional regulations. The drought is a serious reminder that we must continue to work together to ensure our water supplies remain reliable for future generations.

El Toro Water District (ETWD) has provided a drought emergency FAQ document that details where ETWD gets its water, what the district’s plans are in regard to the drought, where our region falls within the water shortage contingency plan, water restrictions in place in the ETWD service area, what you as a water consumer can do to help and more. 

Please direct questions regarding the drought to ETWD customer service representatives at 949-837-0660 or email ETWD at

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