Fire Up the Grill—Safely

Warmer weather is coming our way, and with balmy temps come outdoor BBQ grilling. To ensure safety for all Village residents, please be aware of the BBQ grill use regulations below: 

What Is Allowed 

  • Electric grills 
  • Propane grills with a container capacity of no more than 2.5 pounds 
  • Grills that are stored in a safe manner and do not obstruct walkways 

What Is Not Allowed 

  • Use of grills on balconies and decks 
  • Use of grills within 10 feet of buildings or combustible material 
  • Propane grills with a container larger than 2.5 pounds (an adapter can be purchased to convert to the smaller tank) 
  • Use of a grill that creates a nuisance (excessive smoke or odor) to neighboring units 

In addition, follow these safety tips below when operating a BBQ grill: 

  • Follow the manufacturer instructions
  • Fasten the propane tank securely to the grill
  • Place your grill on a level surface so it will not topple over
  • Light your grill with the top open
  • Supervise the grill when in use and keep everyone away, including pets 
  • Use long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill
  • Do not wear a loose apron or loose clothing while grilling, and always wear shoes 
  • Thoroughly clean grill after each use 
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby 
  • Always use or store cylinders outdoors in an upright (vertical) position
  • Open-flame grills are prohibited in three-story buildings
  • Cooking device tanks shall contain no more than 15 pounds net weight of propane

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