Meet Your New VMS Board

The corporations of GRF, Third Mutual and United Mutual each held meetings to appoint/reappoint new members to the VMS Board of Directors.

Rosemarie diLorenzo retains her office as chair, and Diane Phelps retains her office as second vice chair and also serves as secretary. 

Wei-Ming Tao was reappointed by the Third board and will retain her office of first vice chair. 

LeLeng Isaacs (GRF) and Manny Robledo (United) were appointed as new board members. 

VMS Board

  • Rosemarie diLorenzo, Chair (Third)
  • Wei-Ming Tao, First Vice Chair (Third)
  • Diane Phelps, Second Vice Chair (GRF)
  • LeLeng Isaacs, Director (GRF)
  • Norman Kahn, Director (United)
  • Manny Robledo, Director (United)
  • Cynthia Rupert, Director (United)
  • Judith Troutman, Director (GRF)
  • Raquel Unger, Director (Third)

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