Landscaping on Tour

Ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes at Landscaping Services—one of VMS’ largest departments? It’s an immense and impressive operation, designed to deliver maximum results at minimal cost. That includes irrigation management, tree maintenance, turf maintenance, shrub bed and slope maintenance, composting and an expansive nursery, pest control, creek maintenance, rain event response, herbicide testing and more. Landscaping manages 303 acres of turf, 158 acres of shrubs, 142 acres of slopes, 56 miles of edging and 39,000 trees!

Much of what landscaping provides to the Village begins with three vital areas: the mower shop, the mulch yard and the nursery. To share with the community all the amazing things that are accomplished via these important functions, VMS and a few Landscaping Services crewmembers bring you this special video presentation, which includes incredible bird’s-eye views and an in-depth look at how Landscaping works hard for you!

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