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TV6 Weekly Featured Movies

Be sure to tune in to Village Television (TV6) for special movie feature presentations. Movies screen at 2 and 6 p.m. All 2 p.m. showings feature subtitles; 6 p.m. showings do not. Find all movie listings here. To learn more about TV6, click here.

  • Friday, October 15: “The Straight Story”: A 1999 drama based on the true story of one man’s incredible journey. Richard Farnsworth stars as Alvin, an elderly World War II veteran who lives with his daughter Rose, portrayed by Sissy Spacek. When he hears that his estranged brother Lyle, played by Harry Dean Stanton, has suffered a stroke, Alvin determines to visit him by hitching a trailer to his 30-year-old John Deere and setting off on a 240-mile journey.
  • Saturday, October 16: “A Father’s Legacy”: A 2020 drama about making the right decisions in life, taking responsibility, forgiveness and the importance of both having and being a father stars Tobin Bell, Jason Mac and Rebeca Robles.
  • Monday, October 18: “In the Heights”: This 2005 musical drama based on the Broadway musical portrays a sympathetic New York bodega owner who saves every penny in search of a better life. Music and lyrics are by Lin-Manuel Miranda; the book adaptation is by Quiara Alegría Hudes.
  • Friday, October 22: “Moonlight Mile”: In this 2002 drama, a young man played by Jake Gyllenhaal grieves the death of his fiancée and befriends her parents, played by Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon, and witnesses their journey as they cope with the loss together. 
  • Saturday, October 23: “Allied”: Starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, this 2016 World War II action romance tells the story of a Canadian intelligence officer in North Africa who meets a female French resistance fighter behind enemy lines.

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