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The City of Laguna Woods’ Senior Mobility Program subsidizes the cost of taxi travel for Laguna Woods residents who are at least 60 years of age. Qualified residents are required to complete an application and sign a liability waiver to purchase and enroll in the program. A photo identification card will be issued to you, which you must have at all times to purchase or use Laguna Woods’ taxi vouchers. The annual enrollment fee of $10 is waived through the end of 2021 due to impacts of COVID-19.

Types of Vouchers

There are three taxi voucher programs:

  • General Travel
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Irvine Station (Transportation Center)

General Travel Vouchers (Taxi Bucks) 

Two denominations of taxi bucks are available:

  • $100 worth of taxi bucks at a cost of $70
  • $50 worth of taxi bucks at a cost of $35

Taxi bucks can be used anywhere in Orange County as long as a trip starts or ends in the City of Laguna Woods, except for John Wayne Airport. 

Any destination up to 4 miles from Laguna Woods will be 12 taxi bucks at minimum cost. You can use any combination of taxi bucks that equal 12. The operator can provide you an estimated cost for trips beyond 4 miles, but within Orange County. 

If possible, schedule your trip with California Yellow Cab (877-223-3222) the day before you need transportation. Same-day service is available, but you may be required to wait up to one hour for an available taxi. The dispatch operator will ask for the exact address of your pickup and destination, so be prepared.

You may also schedule your return trip by providing a specific time of return OR as a “will call” – this means you require a ride home, but will call dispatch when you’re finished with your appointment. 

Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) 

NEMT vouchers may be used only for existing medical appointments—doctors, dentists, vision care specialists, physical therapy, medical treatments, etc.—within Orange County and for those at the Veterans Hospital in Long Beach. 

All travel with this program requires a travel voucher purchased in advance, but no later than one business day by 11 a.m. prior to the appointment. As the city schedules this type of travel, you will need to provide the date, time and address of your appointment at the time you purchase your vouchers. You can purchase a one-way trip or a round trip. 

The cost for NEMT vouchers are as follows (each way): 

  • Trips up to 15 miles $6 
  • Trips up to 25 miles $10 
  • Trips over 25 miles $16 

Irvine Station (Transportation Center) 

Special destination vouchers are available to or from Irvine Station at a cost of $10 one way. You may purchase one-way or multiple trips. 

Program Overview 

The program expires June 30, 2022. This applies to all vouchers. Any unused vouchers must be redeemed prior to the one-month grace period from expiration—up to July 30, 2022. 

Taxi service is available 24/7. The cost of a taxi ride is per car, not per person—if picked up at the same location. Trips must begin or end in the City of Laguna Woods. Taxi vouchers cannot be used to tip drivers. Tips must be made in cash. 

If you require wheelchair van assistance, please inform City of Laguna Woods staff. 

If you live in Laguna Woods Village, you must call the gate prior to your taxi pickup at 949-597-4301. Payment for any of the vouchers listed above are accepted by cash, credit card or check made payable to City of Laguna Woods.

For more information about taxi voucher programs, call Laguna Woods City Hall at 949-639-0500.

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