Community Street Cred

Each year all community asphalt pavement is inspected and rated for wear. Maintenance includes repair/replacement of failed sections, as well as application of seal coatings to extend life. 

Remaining scheduled paving work for 2021 will occur through late July to early August at the locations listed below. Click here to view a comprehensive map of work locations complete with work dates or download the PDF below.


  • Ave. Sosiega – Calle Corta to Bahia Blanca E. (by Gate 9)
  • Calle Aragon – Ave. Majorca to Ave. Sevilla (by Gate 3)
  • Pina – Ave. del Sol to turnaround
  • Via Carrizo – San Amadeo to Ave. Sosiega

Third Mutual

  • CDS 336, 337, 363, 364, 365, 3339/3340, Luz del Sol and Via Portora

United Mutual

  • CDS 13 (partial area serving B633 to B637), 40, 56 and 82 (estimated date of completion July 20)

In conjunction with asphalt paving, staff also inspects sidewalks to determine what concrete paving work is necessary to eliminate potential tripping hazards, schedules damaged drainage gutters for replacement, and evaluates planned sidewalk replacement locations for possible curb-cut installation. Concrete parkway work is complete for this year.

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