The Quiet Life

On Sunday, June 28, at 5 a.m., three Equestrian Center horses no longer suitable for the riding program walked onto wider pastures to enjoy retirement together.

Moreno is a 28-year-old chestnut gelding who is blind in one eye and has other health issues. Mikey, a chestnut gelding approximately 26 years old, suffers a conformational abnormality and arthritis, causing lameness in multiple legs, and chronic pain despite daily pain management medication. Zak is a 28-year-old bay gelding on a daily maintenance regimen and who has Cushing’s disease, arthritis and lameness caused by an old injury. 

Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue in Lancaster, California, will give Moreno, Mikey and Zak a lifetime home, with necessary medications and veterinary/farrier care, in a pasture together at no cost to GRF. The trio can enjoy visitors, and Recreation staff will receive periodic updates on their well-being. 

VMS Employee Skylar Sextro and stable volunteer Narissa Levenstein escorted Moreno, Mikey and Zak on their journey to Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue in Lancaster, California.

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