Pool 1 Heat Exchanger Update

In early March, the Recreation and Special Events Department announced that the Pool 1 heat exchanger (boiler) required replacement, which would take approximately four weeks to receive, install and reconfigure. 

After working through pool-equipment vendor delays, yesterday GRF approved payment for the heat exchanger. According to the approved vendor, the heat exchanger is estimated to arrive 10 weeks from the receipt of funds. As you may be aware, many industries, including the pool industry, are experiencing supply-chain disruption due to COVID-19. 

Click here for a schedule for Pools 2, 4, 5 and 6. At Pools 2 and 5, two residents from the same household may share lane lines. At Pools 4 and 6, any two residents, not necessarily from the same household, may share a single reservation. Click here to discover expanded pool hours on one 15. 

For questions, email the Recreation Office at recreation@vmsinc.org or call 949-597-4273.

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