Manor Alterations Offers Permitless Alterations Policy for United

Due to COVID-19, the malware attack and labor shortages, Manor Alterations (MA) staff is experiencing all-time highs in backlogged emails and phone calls. MA management and United Mutual’s Architectural Committee collaborated to develop a permitless alterations policy and resolution that will undergo a six-month trial from the date of implementation to eliminate resident wait times and give VMS needed time to catch up. The permitless process is website based and only requires United residents to fill out information and proceed with the replacement of like-for-like items. If successful, it could become permanent.  

To visit Manor Alterations, go to, Residents and Manor Alterations. To view the permitless alteration form, click here.  

This plan requires no Village permits for “like-for-like,” or equivalent, replacements of certain manor components. These alterations must be performed without making new cuts into walls, disturbing asbestos or changing mutual electric or plumbing. Residents who choose to participate must sign a waiver accepting responsibility for damages caused by the resident or their contractor. Also, the resident will be responsible for any City of Laguna Woods permits that may be necessary, even though qualifying replacements will need no permit from the mutual

To varying degrees, the plan applies to original and alteration manors. With some qualifications, the plan includes such items as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, kitchen countertops and sinks, as well as several bathroom components. All mutual components that are changed out will be returned to the mutual. For a full description of categories, please click here.

A dedicated email address will be established for program requests, and application instructions will be provided. During the process, residents are asked to submit “before” and “after” photos so that any replacements can be noted in the manor file.  

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