Village Welcomes Horses Displaced by Fire

As the Silverado Fire grew in an area known for its horse property, the Village Equestrian Center stepped up to help those in need. 

On Monday, 16 horses arrived from Step N Style Ranch in Silverado and private homes in Silverado and Trabuco canyons. On Tuesday, more arrived from Large Animal Rescue Training (LART) after the organization reached out to the horse community calling for trailer assistance and housing, and VMS staff members Liz Schied and Hailey Yocham headed out with two trailers to assist and returned with seven horses. Equestrian Supervisor Laura Cobarruviaz remained on the property to prepare stalls/turnouts and receive the horses. 

Equine Center staff is providing assistance with transportation of horses and cleaning of stalls and turnouts. One resident boarder donated Home Depot buckets for the incoming horses so that all had a water source. Owners are caring for and feeding their own animals. All horses arrived with their own feed with the exception of a few whose owners are being billed for feed, as the owners had to evacuate their own homes and were unable to care for their animals.  

Currently, all horses are awaiting their return home once the fire is completely contained. None have lost their homes or will need to remain long term. 

The Equestrian Center welcomed two Buddys—one a Shetland pony, Nea, Snookie, Bay, Elvis, Champ, Shahad, Soleman, Walter, Cackno, Kalinka, Eleanor, Paddington, Dakota, Camanchi, Hunter, Chief, Rambo, Riley, Athena, Kevin and Gypsy. 

Here’s to hoping our 23 equine visitors are able to return home soon, safe and sound. And thank you to VMS equestrian staff for their assistance during this stressful time for both horses and owners. 


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