Paving and Concrete Repair

During the week of August 10 to 14, parkway concrete work will be completed at Calle Sonora, Via Buena Vista, Via Carrizo, Vista Del Mondo, Duverney and Belmez.

Also, during the month of September, the following areas will undergo asphalt overlay work:

  • United: Culs-de-Sac 27, 92, and 94
  • Third: Culs-de-sac 216, 306, Ray del Sol and Vista Del Mondo
  • GRF: Calle Cadiz, Calle Sonora, Duverney, Via Buena Vista and Via Carrizo

The contractor, All American Asphalt, will post notices two weeks and 48 hours in advance of the start of pavement work.

On July 31, 30-day-notice letters were mailed to residents in the specified work areas. 

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