Door-to-Door Visits Begin for 2020 Census

Census takers are following up with about 56 million households nationwide—and in the Village.

Help Protect CA’s Common Interest Communities

AB 3182 threatens to impose unreasonable restrictions on enacting rental restrictions.

South County Drive-thru Grocery Distribution

Those in need can receive fresh produce, dairy, protein, canned goods and more.

Don’t Get Your Mail-In Ballot Rejected

The process requires more steps than voting in person, and there are more opportunities for error.

Where’s Your Ballot?

Tracking your November 3 ballot—when it is mailed, received and counted—has never been easier.

Don’t Dump that TV or Microwave in the Trash

Waste Management will not service containers containing bulky items.

Online Racket Sports Reservations

Tennis, pickleball and paddle tennis players can schedule court time with the new Kourts online reservation management software.

Coin Distribution Program Offers More Options

Residents can purchase two $10 rolls of quarters for laundry services.