Help Facilitate Street Sweeping

Looking for a simple way to help protect the environment and make the Village an even more beautiful place to live? Consider moving your vehicle on street sweeping days.

There are several reasons street sweeping programs are important—and why moving your vehicle helps facilitate those programs. Primarily, there are federal and local mandates, including the Federal Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit program, which require municipalities to help prevent pollution from entering local waterways.

Street sweeping also benefits the community by collecting and removing debris (paper, leaves, etc.) that can collect in gutters and block storm drains, causing localized flooding during heavy rains that pollute the local water system. An equally important benefit is the removal of environmentally harmful metal particles, oil and other hazardous products left behind by passing and parked vehicles.

Last but not least, street sweeping enhances community aesthetics. Moving vehicles off a street scheduled for sweeping allows crews to thoroughly clean the street from curb to curb. One parked car equals nearly three car lengths of space that can’t be swept because the street sweeping equipment must leave room to avoid it.

Click here to view and/or download the Village street sweeping schedule (all times are approximate and subject to change).

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