Could It Be COVID?

Ask your health care provider about COVID-19 testing. If you have health insurance, contact your health care provider about free testing and care. If you do not know how to reach your health care provider, call the customer service number on your insurance card, or click here to view websites of major health care providers in Orange County.

The following types of testing sites are available:

  • OC COVID-19 Testing Network for those with symptoms. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or someone in your household has COVID-19, and you cannot get a test through your health care provider, you can get a free medical assessment (check-up) and a test through the OC COVID-19 Testing Network. These are community health centers that offer testing and care, even if you don’t have health insurance.
  • State of California OptumServe testing sites. These sites provide free testing with a brief medical screening for people who cannot get a test through their health care provider. These sites only offer testing and do not have a medical provider on site and are recommended for people without symptoms (asymptomatic), such as health care workers, first responders and other essential workers; and those who have had close contact to someone with COVID-19. Make an appointment for testing by visiting OptumServe Testing or call 888-634-1123 if you do not have internet access.
  • Drive-through testing clinics, urgent cares and labs. Many locations are now available for testing. They will accept your health insurance with NO COPAY, and some—for example, CVS—will provide FREE testing for people without insurance. Contact them first to check any costs and to make an appointment.

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