Keep Our Koi Safe

The koi pond at Clubhouse 1 is an ecosystem all its own that provides natural beauty and wonder for all who pass by. 

However, tossing pennies or other coins and food not intended for koi into their pond habitat is harmful to their health. Predatory birds can pose a challenge, as well. 

According to retired state aquatic biologist Mike Yamamoto, “Koi are very sensitive to the copper contained in pennies and quarters. Copper affects the blood cells and increases mucus production in the gills, both of which make it more difficult for the koi to breathe and absorb oxygen.” 

Further, according to Koi Organization International, feeding koi items other than what are part of an appropriate diet can lead to oversize fish that become too large for their habitat and must be rehomed. Worse, overfed koi result in increased biological waste in the pond (from both the koi and uneaten food), a decline in water quality, lowered oxygen content, damage to internal organs, an increased chance for disease onset, fin rot and even death.

To ensure our community’s koi remain in good health for all to enjoy, refrain from feeding the fish, throwing in a penny for good luck or placing anything into the pond that doesn’t belong.

The Department of Recreation Services has installed additional plants in the pond, which will provide shade for the koi and help them keep cool and protected. 

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