Why Internet Connectivity Is Compromised

With most adults being at home, telecommuting and/or streaming videos, as well as millions of school-age children telelearning, regional demand has outpaced West Coast Internet’s (WCI) ability to provide consistent service, and many Village residents are experiencing slow service and dropped connections. 

This issue is neither unique to Laguna Woods Village nor is it an issue with WCI or the GRF infrastructure. Simply put, the Village’s two internet providers, AT&T and Castlerock, are overwhelmed, which affects all users. WCI has ordered more bandwidth, but all other businesses and carriers are doing the same, and there is no upgrade date yet to increase services. VMS staff is working with WCI on a daily basis to remain abreast of this ongoing challenge. 

Carriers are reengineering additional bandwidth for residential communities as quickly as possible, but it will take some time. 

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