How Demolition Could Decommission Your Bathroom

If a contractor demolishes your bathroom(s) before building permits have been issued by City of Laguna Woods, you could be left without a working toilet, sink and shower for weeks—or months. 

The city advises residents to postpone demolition until after all necessary city building permits are secured to help reduce disruption in the home and ensure demolition and construction move forward without delay. 

State law requires that the city enforce the California Building Standards Code, which provides uniform, statewide standards for various aspects of building and construction. Please note that certain types of demolition require residents to obtain building permits from the city in advance. Call the city’s Planning & Environmental Services Department at 949-639-0500
(TTY 949-639-0535) to discuss building permit requirements. 

For more information, visit city hall at 24264 El Toro Road or

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