Costs Drive Two Regional Sports Channels from Village Television

As significant transitions continue to occur in the communications and entertainment industries, many cable networks are demanding higher programming contract fees. In planning for the 2020 year, the GRF Board of Directors faced an increase of more than 25% in programming fees to residents’ monthly assessments. Major programming fee hikes came from Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket channels.

The GRF board voted not to renew programming for Fox Sports West channels 28 and 428, and Fox Sports Prime Ticket channels 29 and 429, effective January 1, 2020, which means residents will not be able to watch the Anaheim Ducks or the Los Angeles Angels, Clippers or Kings on Village Television. 

Not renewing this programming means that 2020 rates for cable television per manor per month will be $10.96 instead of $19.32 from 2019. Nonrenewal saved GRF $1.5 million in annual programming fees. 

However, Broadband is pleased to offer an alternative: Fox Sports West and Fox Sports Prime Ticket sporting events will be broadcast at Village Greens’ 19 Restaurant and Lounge. More details will be provided before the January 1 cutoff.

FAQs About FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket

What is happening to FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket? 
The contracts expire December 31, 2019. Programming will be off the air effective January 1, 2020.

Who decided not to renew the FOX Sports Net contracts? 
The GRF Board of Directors by a passing vote of 9 to 0.

Why did GRF decide not to renew the FOX Sports Net contracts? 
Not renewing the contracts saved GRF $1.5M in annual programming fees starting in 2020.

Historically, FOX Sports Net had the sports market cornered; however, online streaming services and alternate viewing outlets have changed that status.

When did GRF decide not to renew the FOX Sports Net contracts? 
It was first discussed at the June 4 GRF open meeting and approved during the July 2 GRF open meeting.

Where/how can I watch my favorite regional sporting events? 
Televisions at Village Greens’ 19 Restaurant and Lounge will broadcast FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket. Come watch events with friends or friends you haven’t met yet!

Other options include watching via the internet on a smart TV or streaming device such as Fubo TV, Hulu Live or YouTube TV, or FOX Sports Go on some streaming devices. 

Where can I view more information about this decision?

For more information regarding this change to Village Television programming, call 949-837-2670.

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