Planting Fruit Trees, Vegetables in Common Areas Prohibited in Third

On September 17, Third Mutual passed a resolution that prohibits planting fruit trees and vegetable gardens in common areas, and also requires members to maintain existing fruit trees in common areas and exclusive-use common areas or be subject to tree removal. 

Fruit trees were planted by or at members’ request as part of the discontinued “yellow stake” program, which allowed mutual owners to maintain their own landscaping marked by a stake.

Wildlife and rodents are attracted to fruit trees and vegetable gardens—particularly unmaintained ones—and the Village has seen a consistent increase in rodent activity over the past six years.

The mutual does not maintain or trim fruit trees—new members acquire maintenance responsibility with the purchase of their residence.

The resolution, which takes effect January 1, states that for resident health and safety, unmaintained fruit trees will be removed by the mutual after prior notice and at no cost to residents, and existing fruit trees in common areas will be removed during the resale process.

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