VMS Staff Presents Transportation Implementation Plan

On Tuesday, October 29, at a special Mobility and Vehicles Committee meeting, VMS staff outlined the proposed implementation for operational changes to the Laguna Woods Village Transportation System effective January 2020 and within the approved 2020 business plan. The GRF Mobility and Vehicles Committee recommended that the board approve the implementation plan. 

The plan is based on recommendations from the Fehr & Peers Short Range Transit Plan to increase ridership and efficiency, and enhance travel convenience for residents. It includes redesigning the fixed-route system, operating fixed routes on Saturdays, revising Plan-A-Ride policy and scheduling, enhancing phone responsiveness, adjusting vehicle use for Plan-A-Ride and more. 

On Tuesday, November 5, from 9:30 a.m. in the Community Center Board Room, the GRF board will consider the proposed implementation plan.

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