Asphalt Work to Commence Mid-October through Early November

Asphalt overlay work will be taking place at GRF facilities and Third and United mutuals from mid-October though early November. 


  • Ave Sosiega West, Luz del Sol to Bahia Blanca West
  • Bahia Blanca West, Sosiega to Monte Hermosa
  • Bahia Blanca East, Sosiega to Algrrobo
  • Via Mariposa East, Cul-de-Sac 224 to Via Puerta
  • Ovalo, Tero to turnaround at both ends
  • Trail by B946; 8-by-160-foot dirt equestrian trail will be partially paved to eliminate dust created during landscape operations

Third Mutual

Culs-de-Sac 324, 326, 327, 334, 3232 and 3243

United Mutual

Culs-de-Sac 9, 10 and 44

The contractor will post temporary no parking notices around these areas 48 hours in advance of the work beginning on the indicated street or cul-de-sac areas.

The first phase of asphalt repair begins with a large grinding machine milling down the asphalt. The second phase involves placing the new pavement. The two phases will be completed on separate days, and a 48-hour notice will be posted to announce each phase of work. Notices will be posted in the affected paving areas and delivered to nearby residences prior to work commencing.

Each area will be closed to traffic for no more than one day during either the grinding or paving operations; however, weather can affect when vehicular traffic may resume. Asphalt is laid at a very hot temperature and must cool prior to use. In the best conditions, the new pavement will open to traffic in less than 24 hours. In some locations, the paved area may be divided into segments to keep access open. 

Signs will be posted in the affected paving areas to alert motorists and pedestrians of this work. Every effort to minimize inconvenience will be made. All motorists and pedestrians are urged to slow down, be alert and proceed with caution when driving or walking near or through these areas.

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