Gate 14 Landscape Modernization to Begin

To help conserve water in the Village now and in the future with California-friendly, native plant species that are easier to maintain and require less water, Third Mutual has approved a landscape modernization plan in cul-de-sac 408 located inside Gate 14 off Calle Sonora. 

The work is scheduled to begin Tuesday, October 1. 

California-friendly non-native plant species are difficult to maintain in our Mediterranean environment. To comply with state-mandated water usage programs, avoid penalties for too-high water usage and be charged higher-tier water rates, most surrounding cities have already begun modernizing their landscape by replacing turf with drought-tolerant plants, reducing water and maintenance costs while featuring an attractive landscape, improving water quality and providing wildlife benefits.

While 100% of our water comes from El Toro Water District sources, a rebate of 63% of the project will be given to us by the Metropolitan Water District, the South Orange County Wastewater Authority and other miscellaneous sources.

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