Third Residents: Vote Now!

Ballots for the upcoming Third board election must be returned no later than Thursday, September 26; however, according to the inspector of elections, as of Thursday, September 12, there is no quorum.

Law requires a quorum (15%) of mutual members to validate the election.

Even though Third Mutual has only four candidates for four vacancies, California law requires the association to complete this election in accordance with Civil Code Section 5100. Your vote is required to ensure a quorum is reached and the election can proceed.

Proper Signature Required

Approximately 50 ballots received for the Third election were improperly signed or have no signature, and may need to be rejected. Your signature and address must appear on the signature line of the return envelope—not on the ballot or secret ballot envelope. Our ballots state: “Do not write your name or address on the ballot or on the Secret Ballot Envelope, or your ballot will not be counted.”

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