Mulching Restarts Saturday, August 10

As you may know, the Landscaping Division makes 100% of the mulch it uses throughout Village landscaping from green waste produced by regular landscaping and tree maintenance. Mechanical issues with the mulch-making equipment temporarily impeded progress, but on Saturday, August 10, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Staff will be out in force, mulching flowerbeds in culs de sac 11, 58, 218, 220 and 223.

Additionally, free mulch will be available for those Residents who like to maintain their own patio and courtyard gardens. Mulch and shovels will be available in the Clubhouse 4 parking lot starting at noon on Friday, August 9, through Tuesday, August 13. Please bring your own mulch container.  

Mulch offers many benefits to landscaping, including weed growth suppression, soil moisture retention and soil enrichment.

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