Got Bulky Items You Want Gone?

No one enjoys an unsightly neighborhood cluttered with castoff belongings left on curbs or near dumpsters. With some preplanning all Residents can be considerate and avoid abandoning items in public areas. Collection and disposal of residential bulky items is coordinated and performed by Waste Management Inc. (WM) under the agreement for solid waste handling services with the City of Laguna Woods. This agreement provides Laguna Woods Village Residents with multiple options for disposing of bulky items, which are defined as solid waste not typically accommodated by a cart or bin, including furniture, mattresses, appliances, more than one cubic yard of tree branch/wood waste, e-waste, televisions, stereos, computers, microwaves and the like. 

WM will collect bulky items in the Village at no additional cost in the following ways:

  • Monthly pickup: This service is offered on the third Saturday of each month. No prior notification or ticket is required and items are to be placed at curbside or next to the collection bin.
  • Incidental pickup (regularly scheduled service days only): Items are to be placed next to dumpsters/trash enclosures and Residents must notify Resident Services in advance at 949-597-4600. WM will not pick up the items without notification.
  • In-home pickup: In-home pickup: Two pickups per address per owner are allowed (meaning that if the manor is sold, the new owner will receive two pickup opportunities), with a maximum of five items per scheduled pickup. Items are collected from inside the residence if there is a clear path to the item from the entry door. 

Residents who notice large, bulky items placed in nonapproved pickup locations or at nonapproved times can contact Resident Services at 949-597-4600 to report the violation. Be sure to note the location, including cul-de-sac and/or dumpster number. Arrangements will be made for the removal of the offending items. 

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