Meet Blaze, the Honorary Centenarian at the Equestrian Center

Laguna Woods Village boasts 76 centenarians—individuals who are 100 years of age and older. However, the Community can claim an additional soul whose age range places him close to or slightly into his 100s in human years.

Blaze, an Arabian gelding whose age range is 33 to 36, according to records, is the oldest horse at the Equestrian Center.

Although smaller horse breeds, including Arabians, generally enjoy a longer life span, most domesticated horses live on average between 25 and 30 years. According to those who know Blaze, he is one of the Equestrian Center’s special treasures.

“The incredible thing about Blaze is that his age does not hold him back—he is still as full of energy as ever,” said Kristin Olsen, Equestrian Center Supervisor. “He has been with our riding program for about 14 years and is a very kind and sweet-natured horse who loves affection. Blaze is friends with all of his fellow stable mates and is a comfort to other horses if they feel anxious.”

The Village Centenarian Project, which took the portraits of 16 Village centenarians and paired those images with photos of their younger selves, has made Blaze an honorary centenarian, recognizing that his life mirrors the resilience and perseverance demonstrated by each individual who participated in the centenarian project.

If you’re looking for a local outing that offers a change of scenery, nature and fresh air, consider visiting the Equestrian Center at 24315 El Toro Road. Visitors are welcome to view the horses during visiting hours, which are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday (be sure to sign in when visiting). Please do not feed the horses, as many are on special diets, and respect horse-stall signage, as some horses are not as friendly as others.  The facility offers boarding for Resident-owned/leased horses and a riding program for Residents and their sponsored guests. In addition, riders and nonriders alike enjoy various events at the facility, including summer Saddle Club barbeques, the Harvest Hoedown, Easter at the Equestrian Center and horse shows.


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