Have You Been Contacted by a Census Taker in the Village?

Did the United States Census Bureau recently contact you about participating in a survey? The bureau conducts many ongoing surveys of households and businesses other than the Census, such as the American Community Survey. In fact, Village Security recently contacted the bureau and learned that the bureau currently is working more than 100 different surveys, some of which contain medical questions. 

The bureau is mandated to mail letters notifying individuals that they may be contacted by a field representative in the future. All field reps must carry a U.S. Census Bureau photo ID badge (with a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date) and a copy of the mailed letter. Individuals also can verify an agent in the Census Bureau’s online staff directory. All field representatives are required to first visit Resident Services on the first floor of the Community Center building and present their credentials to secure a guest pass.

Visit census.gov to find answers about Census Bureau surveys and who to contact for more information, including how to verify whether a mailing is from the Census Bureau, how to identify a Census Bureau field representative and how to identify a phone call from the Census Bureau.

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