Correction Regarding Elevator Maintenance, Renovation in Third Mutual Buildings

The Friday, April 26, edition of What’s Up in the Village erroneously stated that Third would be replacing mechanical equipment and renovating elevators in buildings 3335, 3337, 3338, 3364, 4002, 4003, 4012 and 4014from April 29 through May 16.  

Currently, Third Mutual will be performing elevator maintenance at Building 3335, and the elevator in that structure will be inoperable for an estimated 18 calendar days from April 29 through May 16. 

Residents with ambulatory challenges and who require assistance exiting these buildings during this time should contact the Orange County Fire Authority by calling 911 and explain the situation as a non-emergency assist due to the elevator outage.  The Fire Authority will make the determination to send either paramedics or Care Ambulance Service. This is the protocol in place as directed by the Orange County Fire Authority any time there is an elevator outage. Social Services is also available to assist residents with additional resources and can be contacted at 949-597-4267.

VMS and the Third Mutual Board of Directors understand this work interferes with daily life, is inconvenient and can pose challenges, and we thank all affected Residents in advance for their patience and graciousness during this important tasking. 

We apologize for the error in reporting. 


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