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Come See the Light of Third Mutual’s Pilot Streetlight Project

Merle Enter, pictured here on the right, is a Resident of Third Mutual and an experienced electrical and lighting professional. He visited the test site on Avenida Sosiega and will share his evaluation with the Third Maintenance and Construction Committee. This photo shows Option C. All Third Residents are invited to submit questions or feedback by Friday, April 5.

Third Mutual, with the assistance of Maintenance and Construction and consultant Siemens, has completed the acquisition process of streetlight infrastructure from Southern California Edison to the mutual. 

Upgraded LED tech will replace the existing, inefficient, high-power sodium fixtures, and testing of various new lighting options is underway now. 

Residents of Third are invited to ask questions and submit feedback on three options installed on poles on Avenida Sosiega after entering Gate 10. The test fixtures are labeled with a placard to denote option A, B or C. 

• Option A: Cobra head fixture with mastarms 

• Option B: Mushroom head fixture similar to the existing lights 

• Option C: LED retrofit fixture using the same mushroom head fixtures 

Visit the test area after dark to determine which option you prefer. Submit your questions and/or feedback to or drop by the Community Center and leave a note with the Concierge no later than Friday, April 5. All input will be reviewed by Third Mutual board members, Staff and Siemens.


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