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Sing in the New Year with James Darren

Live at the Performing Arts Center December 31, 2018. Two Showtimes!

3 P.M. SHOW: $20 to $25

7 P.M. SHOW: $30 to $40
(includes appetizers and champagne before show)

VIP ACCESS: After 7 p.m. Show $20
(includes open bar and meet and greet with James Darren; available to 7 p.m. show attendees only)

James Darren is perhaps best known as the actor who played Moondoggie in the original Gidget, and more recently, the character of Vic Fontaine in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Concurrently with his acting career, he spent the ’70s signing in nightclubs in Vegas, Reno, Tahoe and fairs around the country. Mr. Darren follows in the footsteps of his idols Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. He has an easy, Bennett-like voice—instantly likeable, rich and emotionally resonant.

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